Coco de Mer candle

Anyone bought one of these lately?

I love candles, but suffer allergies that makes burning them in our house a rarity as I have to look for food grade or skin safe oils.

I'd used the Lovehoney vanilla candle many times and love it - the vanilla is rich-smelling and the wax when melted really does condition my skin.

So, when the Coco de Mer candle can up on offer recently, I ordered one.

Normally I'd never pay that much for a candle but the magic words "glass spoon" described as being included was the decider. I collect glass and now have some lovely and unusual items. But a glass spoon? That was the equivalent to the glass slipper for Cinderella!

Imagine my disappointment when I open the box to find a WOODEN spoon ![](upload://f8zGclFeQx35HwZLqJ7J1rFzQ0n.gif)

Any recent purchasers had a wooden spoon instead of a glass one and did you contact Lovehoney about it? It seems so petty to do that but...

The candle itself smells lovely, though.

I haven't but if i bought a product because of an advertised feature that turned out to be incorrect I would get in touch with CC. They don't bite, and even if you aren't looking to return it the product information may well need updating to save someone else the disappointment.

I collect glass too, I am a massive fan of LSA, and I collect fancy alcohol bottles.

We have a strawberry massage candle somewhere which we have had for some time now but not used, not entirely sure why just pushed to the back of the toy cupboard looking all sad. I think I may have to dig it out.

Thanks K&c30's (again).

Trouble is, I asked OH to open and light it - which he did. I came downstairs to a lovely smell but my mood slipped when I asked where the little glass spoon was and was met with a puzzled look and "glass?".

If they're coming supplied with wooden spoons now I doubt there's anything they can do - though they should have words with CdM for changing the contents without warning. I will contact them so they can change the description.

Thoroughly disappointed, though.

I love LSA, too, and have a vodka bottle (empty!) in the shape of a skull. I'd put my glass dildos out but OH won't let me ![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif) No kids here, but he has a nosy mother who disapproves of me and would have a fit if she figured out what it is (mine would have just laughed).

People notice things late so I am sure CC will be understanding. You would expect a luxury company like CDM to really make sure they are delivering what's expected.

How's the smell? We love a good candle, the house is full of Yankee candles, but you can't massage with them lol.

A skull bottle? Sounds like Crystal Head vodka to me 😀 my absolute favourite. I have a bottle of Aurora and the John Alexander bottles on display at the moment. I can't bring myself to open the John Alexander one at the moment.

I wish I could display our glass dildos too, they are beautiful. Nosey blooming kids though ruining the fun 😀

I emailed Customer Care and they're looking into it. The CDM site is still showing the glass spoon, too.

The smell is beautiful. Warm and sensuous. Not sweet like a rose, but a sexy, almost earthy scent. I could smell the sandalwood in it as I came down the stairs and through a closed door! I could pick out a few of the other oils in it, too. And, best of all, absolutely no allergic reaction! I can only burn the soy-based Yankees and even those I can't burn for long before I start reacting.

I HATE that I can't burn normal candles any more but at least I get a massage out of the massage candles ![](upload://lJMrTcqgi5lI1FOpb07OYOcv2YF.gif)

Yes to the CH vodka. It was given to me empty by a friend who knows I'm odd and that I love freaky stuff. I have a full-size skeleton in my cupboard and a few animal skeletons and antique butterfly art around the place (that's frowned upon by the semi-MIL). I always used to pick up bits and pieces from the Evolution store in New York (heaven). The normal part of me likes perfume bottles, both antique and modern. I REALLY wanted the Chanel No5 Red bottle for Christmas but my hints fell on OH's deaf ears ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif). He has a point when he pointed out I already had some (albeit after my mum), but totally missed the point that I wanted the bottle! I shall keep an eye on eBay for an empty.

I had to google the bottles you have. Are they skulls, too?

The kids will be grown up and flown the nest soon enough. Then, if you're really lucky, you'll have a few years to display your collection before babysitting duties start ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

The glass spoon is in the main picture too. So something has gone wrong. Hope they manage to get to the bottom of it for you.

I may well invest in the CdM candle if it smells that good.

Yes both they are both CH skull bottles but different variations. I am a massive vodka fan and CH is my all time favourite unflavoureld vodka.

I have atleast another 13 years before my youngest moves out. When they do though... oh boy.

Sorry for late reply.

I contacted them and they were great. Apparently, the glass spoons kept breaking so were replaced. They did try to get me another, but no luck. They've offered me a credit which was totally unexpected (and already re-spent!), but absolutely great Customer Service.

I love all things skull and vodka occasionally (I'm not really supposed to drink alcohol but I do have a sneaky sip now and then).

What kind of Yankee scents do you go for? If you like fruity or floral I don't think you'd like it. However, if you like more earthy scents then this is for you. I love sandalwood, geranium and vetiver and find it really sexy so it's ideal for me.

It's burning really well, too. Burnt right to the edge on first burning and no smoke. The oil is ah-mazing! OH gave me a massage with some. He said it soaked into my dry skin but still had plenty of slip for massage. I could smell it the following morning when I got up and it gave me a smile to start the day.

That 13 years will go in a flash - trust me.

Got to love the customer care team here. They do a fantastic job, and giving you some credit as compensation for the disappointment sounds pretty damn fair... even if it doesn't get you that elusive glass spoon.

I am a fan of sweet and fruity Yankee candles, for earthy scents I tend to go with Woodwick. I take issue with Woodwick though as they burn very very quickly.

I am going to keep my eye out for the CdM candle going on offer again and I am getting one!!

I haven't been able to try Woodwick. I visited a friend who had one burning. It was gorgeous but triggered an allergic reaction ![](upload://f8zGclFeQx35HwZLqJ7J1rFzQ0n.gif)

I hope you like it if you get it - and that your missus likes it, too (as she'll obviously be the lucky recipient of a relaxing massage).

I read a lot about well-known shops like John Lewis winning customer care awards but Lovehoney's team cannot be beaten. I do believe our very own Jess was the first person in the team I ever made contact with several years ago - it's nice to see such fabulous customer care continuing at such a high level especially when the customer service with the big shops has IMO taken a nose dive over the last few years.

My candle arrived this morning. Smells amazing. Mrs K&C loves it. Thanks VR.

I order this as it was in the sale, arriving tomorrow. I'm sure I'll enjoy the smell, just a pity I won't be being massaged with it.

AmyA wrote:

I order this as it was in the sale, arriving tomorrow. I'm sure I'll enjoy the smell, just a pity I won't be being massaged with it.

K&c30's wrote:

My candle arrived this morning. Smells amazing. Mrs K&C loves it. Thanks VR.

You're welcome. Glad (and very relieved) Mrs K&C loves it.

I wish I could send someone around for you, Amy. It's a lovely oil to be massaged with. Could you find someone willing to use it instead of a normal oil? I've only ever had a few professional massages and they burn candles that I have to ask to be put out so they shouldn't object on that ground.

Hope K&c30's is going to do his duty when they have some peace and quiet. I don't know a single woman that doesn't love a good massage. OH always gets brownie points (and an extra special BJ) after giving me one.