Coil or implant? Any advice?

I'm looking for something a bit more long term, getting in a total state of confusing reading all the info and not coming any closer to a decision! Does anyone use either? And if so, how have you found it?
SOS (save our sex life) can't afford all the condoms!

Aww c'mon gals, help me out if poss!

I always worry to much just using condoms, I count the day to my next period! Just had my 2nd baby so definitely no more on the cards for us!
Never got on with the pill and am not the best at taking it so thought the coil because it last 5yrs but then I've heard stories about migration! Eek. Seeing the doc today so going to talk to them about it. Thanks for the reply happcamper!

Thats for sure! They've definitely got it easy! After having my last kiddie the docs/nurses etc asked if I'd thought about contraception and my answer was "constantly!"
I'll get something sorted out then be able to enjoy myself without the worries, am looking forward to it!

What about your other half getting the snip?

I know a couple of guys that've had it done. You just have to make sure it takes.

i have used pill, implant and am now on the coil working along the fire year plan
it hurt to have the coil fitted and my periods are much heavier (gushing is not an understatement) but the security of knowing taht no medication can interfere with it and i can't forget to take it have been worth it
periods are slowly lightening as it settles as are period pains

Go speak to your local family planning/well woman clinic. I found mines great for giving advice.

I opted for the mirena coil (more to regulate/control heavy, irregular periods than as a contraceptive). Whilst it's done as promised, I can't handle the spotting. This should only last 3-6 months, but I'm into my 7th month and I reckon I've only had around 3 clear weeks. It's getting removed tomorrow.

Back to the drawing board for me :-(

How long is long term?

I was sterilised when I was 25 - I already had 2 wonderful children and I was expecting my 3rd, I knew something was wrong but I was prepared to continue with the pregnancy. My 3rd died and I had to give birth to him at 24 weeks. He had major disabilities.

I asked the doctor what has caused his disabilities and the liklihood of it happening again the doctor said the cause was unknown and it could happen again but next time they would 'catch it early' and abort.

I personally could not consent to an abortion so opted for sterilisation - it was the only way to be 100% certain that another baby would not suffer.

It was the right option for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone who was absolutely certain that they did not want any more children.

Hey there sweeter!
I'm twenty and went for the coil as I had to change from the pill (I was on medication that interfered with it - eep!). I had a look at the implant and the injection before plumping for the coil, mainly as all the nurses at my uni practise had them and were pleased! I have a mirena coil which regulates periods as well as acting as a contraceptive. I'll admit that it was painful to have it fitted but I think it was worth it. You have a day of period pains (be sure to take painkillers and anti-inflamitories an hour before) and my body went a little haywire with spotting some days but I'm now into my fifth month and things are peachy. I get some spotting but it's not enough to need to use a pad. My period pains are a little different to usual (not worse though...). I like the security that condoms didn't give me. Do your research and see whats best for you. The injection and the implant don't seem to keep many women happy but that's only what I've heard from friends, nurses and online forums.
Hope that helps! Feel free to ask any questions if you have them... x

I'm not keen on either... the thought of having a foreign thing inside me doesn't sit well with me!

I've used the injection for over five years and I love it, suits me right down to the ground. One injection every three months, no periods, and it works straight away once you have your injection. No side-effects for me at all.

Any reason you're only considering the implant or coil?

Hiya all, haven't been around for a bit and just noticed this thread i started was still up and running!

Well I got the coil fitted, about 8 weeks ago and its been great! Was sore the 1st day, just like crampy feeling but after that it was fine. My periods are a bit lighter but longer but I can handle that. I fell pregnant on the pill and the injection didn't suit me, didn't like the side effects.

Its great knowing there'll be no unexpected babies, and no more condoms! Woo.

hey....well ive got the implant and had it in for almost the full 3 years...its worked fine for me...i dont even notice it...when i got it done they simply injected some local anaestetic in my arm to numb it and slid the implant up and stuck a plaster on it....i did not have a proper period for the first year....just light spoting which was all gud...even tho they are back now.
I recommend it to any more condoms :D

The coil seems to be the UK term for the IUD? If so, I have one and I love it. It didn't feel great going in but I haven't had any of the problems I had while on the pill. I've had spotting once or twice but, aside from that, I don't have to worry about having my period.

Also to add, I have the Mirena not the other one.

Yeh I have a mirena - man it hurt to be fitted (so much, and was a bit bloated for the next couple of days but since I've had it fitted I've not had any bleeding at all (7 months now) - only downside is sometimes when having really rough sex it can get 'bumped', which is kinda unpleasant!

Sorry to revive an old thread.

I've just been advised to stop using the depo jab which i love and have the mirena coil fitted. I currently dont have any periods at all so even the odd bit of spotting would be inconvieniante as far as im concerned, I'm also worried about whats likely to happen if sex is a bit rough. Not the sort of thing i can ask my nurse. I have been having the depo on and off for around 10 years and put on quite a bit of weight. Not that i'm claiming the depo is responsible for my weight gain like the nurse tried to tell me. Therefore i.m not really expecting to lose a lot by changing to something different. I have 2 children already so certainly dont plan to have any more, although not quite ready to be sterilised.

Has anyone got any more advise?

Hey lustylou,

I currently have the implant, and I love it. Yes, there are side effects, but I find they're worth it and manageable.

The first few months I had it I had some occasional spotting, but I havent had any blood, period or spotting in months and months now!

I have heard accounts of people putting on weight with the depo and was told it could happen with my implant too. I was a 12-14 before I had it. Went up to just a 14 afterwards (I dont have the best diet though), but it seems to be coming off again now.

The only bad thing I find is that I can get period pains any time of the month now, but I'm still WAAAY better off than I was before. A few minutes of feeling slightly ick once or twice a week is preferable to one day a month where I felt like I wanted to die.

On the plus side it's there and it does the job. With the coil I'm fairly sure that you have to keep checking its in place. I'm sure it's a rare occurrence, but I've heard examples of it sliding about and perferating the inside of the womb, and that would make me paranoid. Even if not, I'd be worried I'd get pregnant if I accidentally moved it!

The implant on the other hand, just sits under your skin and does the job. As long as you get it replaced in time, there's nothing to worry about, and nothing you can really do to prevent it from working.

I'd definitely recommend the implant to anyone.

When I went to the GUM clinic and was told about my options, the doctor told me the coil was more what they give to older people. I'm not sure why that is, but it might be worth discussing with your doctor/nurse if you could get the implant, or what other options are available to you. I did alot of reading into contraception back along and did see that the injection should only be used for a certain amount of years before choosing another method. It's a shame that you have to change your method since you like this one, but it's for your own health. Still, you have the right to choose another method that you like, not be forced into an option you dont want, and it sounds like you're having doubts about the coil.

You should be able to talk to your doctor/nurse about anything. If you dont though, I'd highly recommend going to a GUM clinic. Thats what I did. I was shitting myself beforehand, I felt so scared, but they were so nice there I feel stupid now for feeling that way!

I have the mirena and totally agree it hurt like a motherf****r when they put it in and for about a week afterwards I looked a bit pregnent (ironic given that it's a contraceptive). Since then though it's been fine even with some really quite enthusiastic sex I haven't noticed it!


I also have a Mirena coil, which I have had for just over a year now. I haven't had any physical problems with it but for me it took the best part of that year for the bleeding (I had been given it following some months of very heavy and continual flow) to the point now where I have almost none at all. Also, I have been finding lately that I have been experiencing rather heightened PMS-like symptoms of fatigue/ insomnia and weepiness.

I'm having the same dilema just now. After having a split condom I'm going to see about a more long term form of contraception. Got my appointment at the family planning clinic to see what suits me best, thinking about the implants but wait and see what they say. This thread has been heplful though, let you know how it goes! x