I'm not sure how many members here are as old as I am (nearly 48), but I have used the coil as contraception for at least 17 years.

This has been felt by one partner (uncircumsised and therefore, painful) and recently by my OH (circumsised and not painful).

I was wondering if this is a common occurence as it's not exactly the sort of thing that I can talk to my hairdresser about ;)

I'm not sure on the question? Can a male partner sometimes feel the coil? From what I'm aware yep.

Seems quite common from a simple search:

My partner has always been able to feel the strings a bit during sex. With the first coil this wasn't a problem but I think they cut the strings too short on the one I had put in recently so at the wrong angle it pokes my OH a bit!


That's correct, WandA - maybe I should have the threads shortened, although they don't bother my OH.

Ah. Ok.

Perhaps there are reasons like KP suggested such as string length rather than it being due to the penis owner!