Coming on Feet

My other half loves to come on my feet whilst I wear black tights (Still !!).

We recently saw a porn flick and a guy came over the foot of his co star but his come almost dribbled out and he was able to cover her entire foot practically with his cream !! When my OH shoots his load it goes everywhere !! Has anybody got any tips as to how he can control his spurt !!

Some men squirt, some men don't but this is most probably down to the porn star coming six times a day! Try just having normal sex then let him go again - his flow will be less erratic. Also, try prostate milking.

Keep him aroused for a long time without a stimulates production of semen so there is more of it.

Go slow at the end of orgasm is should squirt as much! some days I can shoot 8ft, others just a small drop

But I think you should give your OH a footjob, bare footed with some silicone lub!

i have a foot fettish but never done anything apart from kissing


Awww I have had a small amount! she didn't want to take her socks off, she only rubbed slightly. I surpose if I carried on rubbing her clit, i could got a quick one! But again it takes two people to like it, I respect her choice!