Comparisons between Tenga Flip Hole/3D, other male sleeves/strokers

How do the various sleeves and strokers compare with each other and how do the different materials feel for softness, stretchiness, sliperiness?

At the moment I'm wondering whether to try the Tenga 3D and whether I'll be disappointed after the Tenga Flip Hole. Is the Tenga 3D actually much different/better than other cheaper strokers such as the Lovehoney double strokers? Are materials in cheaper strokers noticeably less soft?

My take on the differences in my ever growing collection:

Tenga Flip Hole: The best all rounders and my favourites. Great feeling soft material and easy to clean. Went a bit mad and got White, Red, Silver (tempted to get Black and complete the collection). Silver the tighest, Red the loosest. White noticeably more nobbly and stimulating than White and Red. All feel great.

Tenga Flip Air Melty: Lovely material, perhaps slightly softer than Flip Hole, nice strong suction but _horribly_ noisy. May get returned if I can't work out how to use it more quietly.

Tenga Egg Wavy: Got a couple as freebies. It doesn't really do much for me. Very soft material comparable to Utensil Race but just not stimulating enough.

Fleshlights: Have 2 which never get used. About as soft as the Flip Hole material but somehow more rubbery and clingy and samey in sensation than the Flip Holes. Reading the reviews there are plenty of people who prefer Fleshlights though.

Utensil Race Downwards: The very softest, subtlest, clingiest and most 'realistic' sensations of all. More awkward to use and clean and not as versatile as the other sleeves though. A bit of a one trick pony.

We have lots of great reviews on Love Honey but it's not always easy to compare products against each other. I could just get lots and return my least favourite but that feels like an abuse of Lovehoney's very generous returns policy...

Ive never tried a Tenga flip, but I have a 3D polygon and it's by far my most-used. The material is soft and more lifelike. The reason i prefer it over a fleshlight is that its so easy to clean, rather than having to leave a fake vagina out over night to dry (which annoys my wife), i can clean the 3D and leave it on its stand - it might take 30 mins to dry, or you can do both inside and out with a towel within seconds.

I also have the main 3 lovehoney strokers (from deals)
the material on these 3 is a lot harder than anything else ive used, the pink one is good, but can be a little hard too hard at times. The best of the 3 is probably the clear one, for the main patter, with the 'feeler'. That one is awesome, but the other side of it is far too abraisive and im not a big fan. the black one is just sold and hard, and im probably gonna send it back.

The tracy cox stamina one is amazing. Ignore the stamina-based selling point. but it's soft and is a great texture and quality. I 'll be using this and the 3d polygon as my main 2 for as long as I can forsee.

(ive never thought much of the fleshlights)

I'd avoid the loving joy trainers, just a pain in the arse as an all rounder