Condom advice for anal


We are looking for advice on which condoms are ideal for anal sex. We are beginners in that department!

We've have the maximum water based lube for prostrate play and assume that lube is ok to use?


I've used the normal durex kind for anal and never had an issue...

Yes Water based lube is what you want ... And don't be shy with it.

I would personally use a purposely designed anal lubricant for anal sex, as this is much thicker than your average water-based lube and will make things more comfortable for your partner. Lovehoney Discover is a great option.

As for the condoms, I would just use your regular brand? If you don't use condoms at the moment, then have a read of the reviews and see what sounds the best. There's no specific anal condoms. :)

I'm afraid I don't use condoms for anal. It takes away so mush sensation for me personally if I use them! I prefer bareback.

Thank you everyone. I just wondered if there were any that were particularly better for anal over vaginal sex.

Thanks again

I don't think it matters about the condom but you do need to be careful with the lubes - water based being the best as some lubes can cause the latex in condoms to degrade and burst (baby oil might fall into this category so be careful with any massage oils!)

Although now I am with someone we don't use condoms in the past I have always used Skyn condoms for vaginal and anal sex and have never had an issue.