Condom problems

I often when we start to put a condom on my partner loses his erection anyone got any tips to make things a little sexier?

Use your mouth to put it on! Try it on a dildo to perfect, it's actually easier than it sounds. Obviously don't use it for real until you are certain it's on properly.

Being careful not to snag the condom, put the teat against the roof of your mouth and use your tongue to hold it there and keep air out (like you would pinch it with your fingers normally). Then using you lips, and hands (unless you can deep throat), roll the condom down his cock.

It's a great party piece and really helps him stay hard.

I love that idea of useing your mouth.. my hubby doent loose his hard on but I guess this would just add to the turn on :)

Think ill have to perfect that one have just tried and failed! lol

thanks for the advice x

Keep trying... I know I will give that one a go later on.... I have to wait for my children to go to sleep first..

Yeah, it really is surprisingly easy compared to what you think, but it does take a bit of time to perfect. I saw it in a mag and thought 'no way', and then for fun decided to try it, and lo and behold, it works rather well!

Suppose you could also use your hands to wank him as well, as you get the condom on. Like one hand wanking his shaft while the other is slipping it on over the head.

Thanks for advice imelda, my boyf loves this ideas and it keeps us both aroused!

Cool, glad to be of help!

Tried the condom thing... but I totally naffed it up :S I put the tip in my mouth then suddenly coughed and sucked it back and almost choked on the damn thing ..I will keep trying though... we will see how it goes ..

Oh god! My advice is gonna choke someone! All of you stop now! I'm going to do it now and see if I can offer any more advice.

ok scared now dont want to try again!

Dont be scared to try again... I have a medical condition so it prolly wont happen to u guys... I shoudnt have done it really :P..

OK I tried it myself tonight and this should help: you need to roll the condom out one more time than you normally would if you were using your hands. This gives you enough space to put the tip to the roof of your mouth. But to be honest, it took me to the third attempt for me to be happy that there was no air in the tip and that it was safe for sex. So be sure it is on properly coz there is not point using a condom and it not being on ok!!

Unfortunately my way of sorting this if I had this problem involves a lot of training and that would be to hypnotise it into him... amazing what you can do with such mind control...

As for practical solutions, I tend to run my nails across his balls, put a bit of lube inside the condom so it's slippier, I like the sound of the mouth one but it takes practice obviously :-S.... is there anything that would keep him turned on while you wrap the thing up? Bondage or other distractions?

Oooh maybe you could put it on him while in a 69 position? Nice view and an obvious distraction ;-)

thank's for the advice imeldaimedla..will have to try this one out.and you miss kitty i love a good 69er....hehe

My boyfriend said a reason why he may be losing his erection is that the condoms are too tight. He also said that when you are using a condom you can't feel anything. Try to play some fun games with him and spice it up and try lots of foreplay to help him keep his erection.

that has happened to my hubby before.. when we were younger we were given free condoms from family planning and they were way too tight and he thought his cock would drop off :O *OUCH*

oh the poor lamb... an ex of mine had a similar problem, the mere sensation of one being rolled down would immediately mean he lost his erection... with him it becamse more of an expectation (ie here comes a condom, there goes the erection...). In the end the best thing to do was take things gently and we got there in the end, but tightness was always a problem.. ewventually we tried Avanti which seem to be larger than lstex condoms and that seemed to help out alot... just make sure he knows you still love him and things should sort out (and a wider condom helps loads ;).. all the best babes