Condoms and erections

Not sure if this is the right place for this thread so bear with me if it's not! After being single for some time, I've started seeing someone. Sexually things are great but when I put on a condom on, the little man isn't too keen and I start to lose my erection. Has anyone any suggestions for more "erection friendly" condoms?!

Like most things try and relax its all normal. Enjoy some foreplay don't rush into trying to put it on to soon.

That's the thing. Lots of foreplay and I'm hard for a good while but as soon as the condom goes on it changes. Annoying...

Condoms are a bit awkward to get on tbh - maybe that's the problem. I get annoyed getting the fecking thing on which probably contributes to the issue.

Have you tried using a cock ring? The type that sits at the base of your penis behind your scrotum will stay out of the way. It should give you sufficient blood pressure until you get down to business. I've had the same issue and it worked for me.

Im no expert but are u sure its the right size if its not if could be effecting your blood flow?

Just a suggestion :)

Cock ring is a definite possibility and yes sassy, the size is an issue. I tend to get Durex as they usually have a bigger width. I need to do some more investigation I think ☺ thank you all for your help

Im sure some1 on here will be able to suggest on for you good luck

foxache wrote:

Condoms are a bit awkward to get on tbh - maybe that's the problem. I get annoyed getting the fecking thing on which probably contributes to the issue.

Ok sorry is the question ment to be about technique. If so have some solo practice. Have the condom out ready and pinch the bubble on the tip making sure the roll is the right way around( it is possible to get them inside out). Pick it up in the pinched position place it over the head of your erect penis and use your other hand to just roll the outer ring down.

Other tips that might help grip and pull down at the base of your shaft to make your erection as big as possible and this will all so pull back your foreskin ( if uncircumcised).

Ask for help many woman are very adept at putting condoms on for their partners and it would help keep up the arousal for you. I knew a woman that had a little trick of putting condoms on with her mouth.

Oh and one final thing keep well trimmed , nothing worse than trapping a pube or two in it and when you in action it tugging ( unless your into that sort of thing).

Hope this helps.

Maybe try giving these a whirl foxache. ;)

Hellooo ^_^
If you're looking for a different condom, I'd suggest these:

My boyfriend can't use 'normal' and these are our go to. He finds them easier to get on as they're well lubricated & the size of them is just right. Hope this helps :)

Hellooo ^_^
If you're looking for a different condom, I'd suggest these:

My boyfriend can't use 'normal' and these are our go to. He finds them easier to get on as they're well lubricated & the size of them is just right. Hope this helps :)

You could always try to practice how to keep the troops going once you put the condom on while on your own. Otherwise I think that the cockring suggestion sounds like a plan, maybe do both and?

Couple of tips and tricks and info:

Losing an erection when putting on/wearing a condom is often a psychological issue. The distraction of putting it on, fiddling with it, and thinking negative thoughts (I can't feel anything, this is spoiling the moment etc) Of course, it is possible that the condom is too tight and so I recommend the following:

1) First and foremost, experiment (maybe alone, while masturbating) with a few different types/ranges of condoms, to find the most comfortable fit and a better fitting condom for you.

2) Practise putting them on while alone and practise masturbating alone while wearing one. This will help speed up the "getting it on" process and get you into the mentality that pleasure and fun is possible while wearing one.

3) Try to change your mindset a little. If you continue to view the condom as a negative, disruptive thing, it will become so (as you discovered - losing the erection) Instead, try get into a more positive mindset by learning ways to enjoy the process. Ask her to put it on for you, make it fun somehow, part of the sex process.

4) Buy some water based lube (NOT oil based) and apply a tiny amount into the tip of the condom before you roll it on. Many men say this helps increase sensation during sex with a condom, because now the condom slides a little over their penis, rather than holding your skin completely still. Now your foreskin can roll back and forth etc. HOWEVER: Be careful. Too much lubricant can begin to cause the whole condom to slide back and forth and it could simply slide right off.

5) Buy yourself a cheap masturbation sleeve/pocket pussy/fleshlight stroker. When alone, put on a condom, practice getting it on quick and easy, practise the lube tip and practice thrusting into your toy and noticing the sensations you feel. Basically, use the toy to practise "sex with a condom on" as this will help reduce worries and fears about condoms and erection issues, because once you begin to enjoy those sessions with the toy, it will boost your confidence and your faith in enjoying sex with a condom on. This will then translate to sex with your partner.

In other words: try to take the pressure off yourself by practising alone and learning to change your mindset, or focus in on the sensations in a good way. learning to feel through the condom and feel enough stimulation to get you off. You can relax when alone and practise without pressure to perform.

Cock rings won't help much with keeping an erection. I speak from experience. Yeah, if you have very little issue keeping your erection, the cock ring will help trap that blood inside and make it harder and larger erection than ever before. However, if all the blood is simply draining out of your penis due to physical or psychological issues, the cock ring won't stop that happening. It may delay it for a minute or two, or make the erection go down slower....but if it is going down...its gunna go down. The only thing I know of to stop erection loss. or rather, force an erection, is viagra.

Hope these tips help.

It's probably just nervousness so make sure you're relaxed and that you are fully erect and ready before you put the condom on. Lots of men seem to have this problem.

I've found worked better for me than standard.

LH have a range of large and XL condoms, try a few and see which you prefer.

I've had this problem on and off for years. Fluffbags (as usual) has nailed the major issues and wanking with a condom on is quite helpful - or is to me.

Another thing that I found good is for you and your partner to masturbate yourselves at the same time. Watching my partner wanking herself and getting hot and bothered is a turn on for me, and doing my own masturbation is more likely to keep my pecker up, too. Once you've got the thing on, things should progress quite smoothly ...

Of course, it has to be said that quite a lot of women don't like to wank themselves in front of their partner. Their loss, of course, but if they don't like it you'll have to try something else (back to Fluffbags' excellent 'drawing board', then).,

Other people have already covered the possible sizing issue which I was going to say, but one thing nobody seems to have mentioned - is the condom cold when you put it on? When I used to use them I had to hold them (still in the packet) against my skin until they were body temperature or it was a total errection killer for him.

I have exactly the same issue so some good advie there and food for thought.

As I am in a 4 yr relationship, we do not use them with each other and have taken the decision when swinging to simply not have sex with others and just enjoy the foreplay - so avoid the need for condoms altogether .