Corset Recommendation


Can anyone recommend a good place to buy a proper corset? Like are the Agent Provocateur ones good from people that know?

Imelda x

u could try pabo the web site is or even anne summers

Depends what you're looking for. If you're wanting a proper, steel-boned one, then Vollers, Snobz, and FairyGothMother are all pretty reliable sources.
Also, if you ever happen to be in Glasgow, go to a shop called Cyber (they've got a webpage -- and they'll give you a fitting and get you a custom made corset that will fit you like a glove. The people who work there are super friendly and helpful.

Hi, thanks for all the advice. Yeah I'm looking for a proper steel boned one but one which I can afford. I live in Scotland so may well be able to check out the Glasgow shop, thanks. Does anyone know what the price range is for such a corset?

Most good quality (overbust) steel-boned corsets will set you back AT LEAST £70. If I remember correctly, the cheapest Cyber does is £80 -- but that's genuinely a really good deal, considering they fit it to your exact measurements, and these corsets are great quality. Corsets are pretty damn expensive to make (a busk -- the bit that runs down the front -- alone tends to cost about £30), and you really do get what you pay for.

I love What Katie Did! Love that retro style.

If Cyber does for around £80 that's pretty damn good. I was expecting over £100 but don't want to pay for a 'brand' premium lilke Agent P. I'll definitely ahve to take a trip to Glasgow then!

Thanks very much for the help all.

Yeah and their stuff is such good quality and reasonably priced as well. I love how retro and fab it is!

I recommend the Vollers brand highly. They have a huge range of under bust, over bust and evening outerwear corsets, all in gorgeous materials, steel boned, busk fronted etc., with and without suspenders,even soft leather. And they're very helpful about the right fitting, as well, even over the internet - you can buy entirely by mail order.

The trick is to take your natural waist measurement, then buy a corset that cinches in to at least two inches smaller than that. (If you think you can take it tighter, great, but it's going to seriously restrict your movement!) The lacing will allow your hips and boobs to be appropriately wider, according to your own shape, giving you a real 'hour-glass' look. At the back, the lacing should meet at your waist and be wider at the top and bottom - don't expect it to meet all the way down.

I can get into mine on my own, given enough time, although it's more fun being laced up by a partner. If you wait 20 minutes after putting it on and then pull the laces again, you'll find you can 'lace in' even more spectacularly.

I reckon mine was a real investment at £120. It's black satin jacquard, under the bust, with a long hip line that makes the boning cover/flatten my stomach as well - the effect it has on the man is stunning and I tend to end up spreadeagled immovably on the bed .... I'm saving up for the leather version now!

The girls are spot on here - a really good corset is an investment, Vollersdo some stunning ones, as does Fairy GothMother (I want a better paid job!!!). Menoptera is right, a corset 2inches or so smaller than natural waist is a good guide, but be careful if you plan to tight lace (ie go really small) - you'll need to start off gradually and give everything time to adjuct, material included!! For a really defined hourglass figure, go for steel busk, steel boned.. I'm currently saving up hard to afford a shiny Vollers one ;)

i agree with lisa1984 pabo r great, used them loads of times, also a good site if u r in to porn!!

Try Rigby and peller online store - my hubby bought me a beautiful steel boned corset from here 4 yrs ago and its still going strong - great website and excellent customer service....
this one is nice....and quite cheap....think i might have to drop some hints lol

oh just watched the video for it! looks even better! dint see that there

ooh yeah i like that 6-piece one :D