corsets to fit men?

any one know where i could buy one? looking for something short like under rib cage height. any advice? thanks. :-)

Im not sure if I'm allowed to recommend other website but you could always**removed**, they do lingerie specifically designed for men and have a great choice of corsets available as well as other lingerie to go with it. Hope that helps

thank you!! :-)

Other corset websites sell them too.

Hi drtydawg73 

If you're looking for a waspie or an underbust corset, then a traditional ("women's") corset should work fine. They're not really a gender specific piece of clothing. 

Happy hunting! 

There are a few corset companies that do made to measure... Can't suggest any here (probably), but try Google and you'll find them.
If you like latex, I'd recommend a latex corset. It maybe easier to find something in rubber.

Good luck!

thanks for your replies! :-) its a pity lovehoney doesnt do more stuff. :-s

I've bought a half a dozen or more over the years and I've never bought gender specific ones and I've never had a problem with fit.