After a quick search on the Lovehoney forum I found a thread on this topic but unfortunately it's quite dated and closed.

So back on track- At a curvy size 18 (or so) where do I go for to find fitted yet good value corsets/bustiers? The ones on Lovehoney just don't fit well. There are a couple but they just about fit- I guess it doesn't help having a DD/E cup size.

Anyone out there with any knowledge on what to look for and where? I know I've seen a few impressive images uploaded of people wearing them.

I especially love the sweetheart neckline but I'm apprehensive about finding something that will fit well without it costing so much. I'm not too fussy about the boning either but I suppose steel is the better option.

Thanks in advance!

I do- I'm in no way waist-trained, but I've been obsessed about corsets for quite a long time!

When I started using LH regularilly, I took a look at their corset range, and one thing I did notice is that (for the most part that I've seen) they're not 'real' corsets- in terms of the sturdy, proper boned garments that will take your waist in. Most of what I have seen are 'fashion corsets'- they may put you into the hourglass shape, but they dont have enough strength in their design to do any major inpact in reducing.

The thing about boning is that is what lends stability to the garment- and is also a major indication as to how effective the corset will be. Stay away from plastic bones, go for sprung steel (steel). Another obvious factor in visually iddentifying whether it's a sturdy corset is the busk. Its a special type of boning with metal 'nobs' that are prominant, and metal clasps on the other side. Stay away from anything with hook and eyes.

Another think I know about is being economical with my spending. I approach everything with a student's purse mind-set, and that was how I brought my first corsets. I found a few sellers on ebay which did proper boned corsets at about £30- which is riddiculous because you'd normally expect to pay double or sometimes tripple in a corset shop.

What specifically are you looking for, in terms of shape and fit? If you're large busted, it may be an idea to look at under-busted corsets, pairing it up with your own bra to complete the look (or a couple of pasties!). With overbusts- its all about the design just how much they raise 'em! I'm not an expert in terms of bustier ladies- I have the opposite problem, but I think a sweetheart neckline will either let those puppies sit there perfectly- or they will push them way to high up- it does depend on the structuring of the corset design.

This is actually the same series of photos that my avatar comes from. I'd just brought my first bass home, and fell in love!¤t=DSCF1978.jpg

I originally used to go corset hunting in Camden Loch Market in London. The store I used to go to has since moved on, but there are still a lot of corseteers stalls within Camden market itself. I dont know where you live, but if you can locate a corset shop near you, trying them on in person is the best thing to do- the best corseteers actually can give you advice, but you can see for yourself what corsets have the best effects on your body, and also how comfortable they feel for wearing for any period of time- be it ten minutes, an hour, or a whole day or more.

Oh, thanks so much for the informative post! I'm a little bit confused to what you mean about the metal clasps and the "nobs"- if I'm to avoid the metal hooks and eye design- what is it that I'm looking for?

As for those ebay sellers- I'd love to know which you're familiar with and trust. I know that underbust will fit better and I do have a couple of them already but I really just want an overbust that just holds my boobies in place! It doesn't have to enhance them and lift them really- just sort of contain them lol. As for design, I'd love a sophisticated and sleek black design- just something that emphasises curves.

If that's you in photo- then I have to say you have a wonderful figure and that corset really complements it.

Thanks again. =)

Most proper corsets have a busk - usually steel bits with holes one side and the aforementioned 'nobs' on the other so you can put the corset round you and then hook the busk together rather than having to tighten the laces all the way. My proper corset doesn't have that, but it's pukka in the othe respects with the boning. I can take 4-6" off my waist which a basque or fashion corset won't be able to do. These normally have hook and eyes fasteners like a bra, only lots of them, That's what you don't really want on a corset. Also, compared to a flimsier gsrment, corsets are quite bulky, so the overall effect tends to be a reshaping rather than a reducing. That's my experience, though I'm male so there will be some difference in effect on a woman.

Interesting, thank you.

I know that the reducing ones are quite expensive. I'd just like to start off with a properly fitted one and then look into perhaps investing in one that reduces the waist.

Where do you usually buy yours from MP? I think one of the main differences in us (shape wise) will probably be the bust... I find that to be the hardest thing to accommodate. lol

Sent you a private msg but not sure u will get it!

I have a waist training one (the black pic one) Corsets uk do amazing corsets of all lengths and types including waist training, fashion etc They also have amazing sales and I managed to get one for 20 quid (steel boned!)


Miss T&N- that black one in your pic is to die for! You look stunning in it as well as the pink one.

And no, I didn't get that private message... I don't know how to work LH's chat as it always messed up on me. Feel free to email me though- address in profile.

I think I have looked into corsets uk before. It's still all a little baffling. I know what I want generally but I get stuck with sizing. I know it's probably asking for a lot- but I just want one just right.

Thanks. =]

What height are you? And do you want that has a decent length to it? x

I'm 5'4 - so not too tall but yeah, I prefer them to be a bit longer.


Is something like this suitable?

Still a bit iffy with sizes (as I'm in between what they say but wondering if I should go up cause of bigger bust or lower because of the reduction..) but I might as well take the plunge.

There is also this site:

Yeah, that does look like it should be pretty deceint. I can't tell much at a glance about the boning structure, but I think the design looks right to suite your needs.

As for sizing, always go for a corset that is 4 (or 3) inches smaller then your actual waist measurement. You may have heard that already, but the idea when you're wearing the corset is that you never have it fully closed at the back- worn properly, you should aim to have around two inches of gap between the two sides. However, this is quite often something which you gradually work up to. Generally speaking, I think a five inch gap or smaller is acceptable. This allows you to alter the fitting as you need it- tightening it when it becomes necessary, wearing it looser when you first get it until you're more comfortable with it. The problem comes when you've got a slightly large corset, or a waist more accostumed to reduction, then if its fully comfortable when the two sides at the back completely meet- that is much too large. It wont ever shape your body the way it's supposed to.

If you're worried about being borderline in terms of sizing, I would go for the slightly larger size- especially if you're not quite sure about waist reduction right now, and you've got a larger bust. I think that design you've found should be good for your bust, but PLEASE, do double check with the sellers that they will give you a full return if it does not fit correctly, and preferably provide you with the next correct size. Though it may look greatly reduced, I still dont want to see you £30 out of pocket.

Hey, I've tried to find the ebay corset supplier I used, but they've vanished- possibly gone bust.

I did originally buy off - they're a pretty comprehensive site, and like LH have a few guides in terms of fit and different styles. They may be more on the expensive side, as a reputable bricks-and-morter shop, but the staff know their stuff, and the advice should be invaluable. At the very least, take a look at their designs, read over the info, because it will tell you a hell of a lot.

This is the main guides, about sizing and shape:

Thanks Dee, was looking at that site but can't find any that I really want aside from one costing £72.. >.<

I agree on what you've said SN, nice to have a good perpective on it other than me mulling over the same old issues. I'll read into that site you linked- but thanks again for the very helpful information!


Yeah, they are properly expensive on fairy gothmother- but I think they're heading into the wedding market, so they've got a good escuse to be.

Best of luck with your search! I'm trying desperatly to find info on the ebay seller I brought from, and the other little shop I visited, but no luck so far.

I have a friend who is actually a theatre costumer (sorry, she's been so busy lately, I've only just remembered), and one of the things she's hand made several times over are corsets. She also happens to be quite a busty lady herself, so I'll ask her some advice in terms of shaping for you. I cant get you one of her designs- she's the dutch equivelent of working on the west end at the moment, but she knows her stuff in terms of costuming.

Aw, thank you very much- will look forward to that. But don't feel that you have to. I'm thankful for the info you've posted and I love that fairygothmother info page!

I'll let you know how I get on when I get the money to splurge on these gorgeous stuff. Think I'll look for any alternatives on sale from the sites or just get a cheaper/better value from ebay. I feel much more confident on what to get though than I did before I started this thread so thanks all! =)

i have some i got from ebay. it hit and miss some have been really good, nice fabic well made and some have been ok thay whont last to long as the stiching isnt that good, but for the pice of some you cannot complain.

For a good fitting corset you need to buy quality; Axfords, Vollers or Fairygothmother for preferance. They all offer an aftersales service if there is a problem.

I've just ordered my first corset from an eBay seller, who was brilliant in helping me choose the right size for me and stuff. Haven't received it yet, but I'll be sure to update when I do and let you know if I'm happy! :)