Cost of energy

Here’s a mood killer, but with the recently announced increase in the electricity price cap, those using mains powered toys, do you know how much it is now costing to reach orgasm…?

Perhaps to save energy, we need to return to more manual, human powered methods…


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It’ll be nothing compared to the price of heating, just go ahead and enjoy yourselves.


Orgasms will keep me warm lol


From what I can see, their running cost is negligible compared to how much running a washing machine once does! I guess I’ll have to do one load a month?! Or hand-wash everything going forward!


More human powered methods like fingers and thumbs or cranking up the bike powered electric haha :joy:

I’m thinking f building a gym where all the paying members can drive generators for me ! :grin: :rofl: :grin:


My electric company gives me a Power Hour each month of free electricity. I reckon i may have enough toys to charge to see me through


Looks like we’re all piling round to @Melody1 with triple adapters…extension cables and bags for life filled with our rechargeables for a happy hour…

Cocktails too @Melody1 ???



A few months ago the geek in me wanted to know how much power the lovehoney mains wand uses as I use it almost every day for a couple hours at a time.

Turned off but still turned on at the wall it uses 0.5 watts, on low speed it uses around 6 watts and on high it uses around 15 if I remember correctly.

I’m sure someone could work out how much that costs lol.

I never turn it off at the wall so using 0.5 watts over a month just on standby will cost a couple quid I bet


I don’t have any mains powered toys but do have quite a few rechargeable toys and try to keep them all topped up.

I’ve kept my monthly direct debit to rip off utility company low. Even though they’re asking for more I would rather under pay and pay more to balance in the future rather than always over paying them and trying to claw it back.

A good electricity powered toy orgasm is well worth it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Our electricity and gas company are the same, Always asking for more even though there’s more than enough every month already.

I’d be curious to see if rechargeable toys cost just as much as mains toys

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Monthly direct debits are really annoying as it’s all just guess work.

They’re making so much profits that they could really wait a month and then charge for what we actually used the month previously…

If you orgasm quickly I’m guessing mains toys wouldn’t cost too much.

If you want to edge and enjoy for a long time then I think rechargeable might be cheaper as lithium ion batteries are now quite adapted for low energy costs charging…

I used my hands and fingers for many many years before I found the joy of toys so will keep my toys going haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m a edging guy and a sucker for powered toys so let’s say £5 per orgasm, bargain lol.

I did have a rechargeable wand once and the amount of times it ran out midway through was torture.

With the one I had I couldn’t use it as it was charging so that put me off rechargeable toys

I have a shed load (literally and i know what literally means) of food waste beer and the kettle can be on the go for those who prefer Yorkshire tea


You should turn stuff off at the wall when it’s not needed. As well as saving a little money it eliminates any fire risk from it.


If it consumes 6w per hour then it is 6w per hour for an hours use. Electricity is currently costing cica 50p/kWh so 0.05 p/wh = 0.3p/wh per hours use at 6 w/hr.

So if my calculation is correct for the month of August 31 days using it 1 hour per day the cost is circa 10p.

Happy to have this calculation checked.



:joy: Next time i use the mains powered wand i will see what it costs per minute of usage. Though i am not sure i want to know if its expensive!

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There’s a saying “We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost” i definitely think it applies here! :wink:


@DLJL Thanks a lot . Now my brain wants me to calculate how large of solar panel it would take to charge up different sex toys along with what size battery and converter .
The other question is how small of windmill would it take ? Now my brain will be distracted off and on for days .


I’m going with a rick & Morty solution here create a battery that’s actually another dimension that’s generates electricity for you no more electricity bills lol :joy: