Costume play tips ?


I love dressing up fun but ive never dressed up in costume i see on LH site it really caters for women shame, as i like dressing up i would like to try costumes but once i have dressed up i would be thinking so i'm dressed up now what do i do... I get the whole doctor nurses costume play but what the hell would i do in a IronMan costume lol

So if you are into costume play what do you do ?

The obvious ones for men that spring to mind are fireman, pilot, drill sergeant, policeman, chef, butler, male stripper. I could probably think of a few more! I think it's because there is perhaps a bit of the idea that men should grow out of dressing up but I think that's a pretty lame notion.

I know you could get regular costumes for most of those but nothing exactly sexy or lingerie based.

A Tyre fitter...mechanic... smear a bit of oil of your face, filthy hands...dirty jeans...or overall boilersuit thing wearing the bottom-half only with the top-half off and tied around your waist...big steal toe cap boots.... phoaaarrr does it for me every time!!! Quite easy to put together too!

I dress up for sexual thrill. Photos. Roleplay sex. Cosplay fun. I dress up regularly n go out dressed up all the time I do kinky dress up a lot as well just for fun so etimes sit at home dressed up get few nice pics turns me on lol

Some good ideas will really have to look into it.

I think dressing up would be a thrill for me i love getting the camera out when i'm in my scent play mode wearing my OH stuff.