cotton buds

as a sexual toy, whats your thoughts?

I....wait, what? :S

no too small

i used 1 in violets clit hood lol she said it was too much plesure

chipNroll wrote:

I....wait, what? :S

Seconding this.

Never thought of them in this way before

too sensitive for that. Plus i'd worry about the fluff personally

I have a fear of cotton wool,. sorry can't be near it at all. anything with similar texture makes me feel all eugh.

it's one of the most common phobias as well, so it's nice to feel I'm not alone.

I third/forth what ever it's on now the dismay.

I was even told you shouldn't put them in your ears so I'd never thought of that...

Great if it works for some but sounds way too intense for Ad.

*Doesn't think of the pee pee hole*

violeteyes wrote:

oooh that was a funny experience. kind of goes numb after a while

Hmm... "funny" and "numb" aren't really words of recommendation!

i think i'd rather use my tongue on you personally and vice versa

Lovehoney - Hella Rouge wrote:

I've only ever used cotton buds as a form of punishment, you sure she's not bluffing you? :p

well she does like to be punished alot

Lovehoney - Hella Rouge wrote:

I've only ever used cotton buds as a form of punishment

Ouch, very worrying pictures going through my mind now!

I'm sure I saw a picture of Violet in clingfilm yesterday too.... what a resourceful couple:D

mmm kitchen sex

erh? I never thought of them in sexual way? Never tried to use one and not sure I would dare to.

A cotton bud? Near my clit? Noooo thank you.

Also, The Nymphomaniac - i have a fear of cotton wool too! It doesn't extend to cotton buds for me, but plain cotton wool or cotton wool make up pads... Eesh. No.