Couples Anal fun

Hello so my gf is a big fan of Anal and the idea of her playing with me gets her right excited. Now I love the idea of her mounting me and when she pushes me on the bed and bends me over and thrusts its so hot. But the actual thought of her using a strap on is kinda scary. We have just brought one and I'm freaking out. Is this normal. What do I do.

Anal play can be a lot of fun but you need to start slow and work up to a strap on. It is normal to be a little worried about anal penetration for all sorts of reasons. Being anxious will cause you to tense up and may make penetration very difficult and/or hurt so being relaxed and comfortable with the play is really important.

Ask her to start by using her fingers. Get her to massage your anus in a circular motion and slowly enter (using plenty of lube). She can go deeper as you feel comfortable. If you enjoy that, she can insert a second finger. Don’t go too far too fast.

Once you are good with a couple of fingers, look for a small toy, either a butt plug or anal beads or a dildo; whatever takes your fancy. If you do go for a dildo, it being strap on compatible is a good thing but don’t use it with the strap on harness right away, just use it with her hands. Using a harness can take a bit of practice so you knowing what the dildo feels like before it is used in this way can really help.

It sounds like you and your GF have a lot of bit fantasies in your heads, which is great and definitely something to work towards. But with anal, it is better to explore slowly and get used to the feelings and the sensations rather than have her literally just pounce on you. You can definitely get to the pouncing, and I’m sure it will be amazing, but it needs a little work first

We are very much into anal sex and pegging. In either case it is down to preparation.

We use the small syringes to make sure that we are well lubricated internally then we wear medium vibrating butt plugs during foreplay so that our muscles are well relaxed. We use more lubricant on the dildo or my penis and we find that the actual penetration, if done slowly, is not at all painful and, in fact, very erotic and pleasurable.

Thanks it's my bday soon so think we'll have a good day trying and seeing were things go.

Seriously do not worry about it. Make sure you have done the necessary, maybe invest in a douche, relax and get each other excited and then get that lube out. You’ll love it I’m sure and before you know it you’ll be yearning for oversized like me. Girthier the better.

You are so lucky to have an open minded and loving partner enjoy the experience