Couples games/apps

I realise this topic has already being discussed as I’ve searched for it but like many other people using the search I can’t access the topic to read the thread! Looking for recommendations on the best games/apps out there for couples to spice things up and have a bit of fun :wink:


Long press the link and click Open in new tab/window/whatever your phone or computer uses. It then opens the topic.

An annoying glitch that has appeared recently and will hopefully be fixed soon but the above work around does do the trick in the meantime.


Card games tend to be quite fun especially if you make it yourself and put down the tasks on the cards :blush:


Thanks for that @Peitho :grinning: I’ll retry the search and delete this topic now it’s no longer necessary

People may well have new or updated suggestions :+1:t2:. Just a work around so you can see what people have suggested in the past. Not my area of expertise though I’m afraid.

Tried a few different apps and thought they were all poop.

Me and the OH make our own card games or spin the wheel games.

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