Couples sex App/Questionnaire - Suggesting new things without embarrassment

Hi there!

I read somewhere, perhaps on here, about a couples App where you both answer a questionairre about you sex life, what things you'd like to try etc, that then reveals ONLY the answers that you both agreed you'd like to try (ie if one wants to try something but the other does not, then that answer is not shown).

Even thought we've been together a looooong time (and really I should NOT be shy with my soulmate I know that) I thought this was an excellent way to have a discussion about sex without us both becoming embarassed or feeling bad for sugesting something that the other does not want to do (or them feeling bad for not wanting to do it).

Our sex life is excellent to be honest, but I just want to make sure that he is fulfilled. He's not very talkative about these things (def not a prude in bed, but uncomfortable talking about sex out loud).

I've searched the threads but can't find the name of it... Now I'm thinking Ive imagined it lol

Thres plenty of card games etc on here but ive not heard of this app I wanna know more x

Hi, I think if you google this will be the one you're looking for x

I looked at that one... but it shows up both sets of answers, even if theyre incompatible. There's one that ONLY shows up compatable answers.

Is it called KINDU? Anyone used this?

Yep, Kindu. I've tried it and it's ok but a bit repetitive, does allow you to insert your own questions if there's something you want to try that's not covered.

Oh this sounds interesting, might give this a whirl with the OH tomorrow, we're all done for tonight hahaha. I love you guys, you always have something new...

That sounds very interesting, definitely not something I have heard of before so I don't believe it has been in the LH world just yet... but I could be wrong!

I checked the app yesterday and it's really something we have to do together, my wife and I, when she arrives home on Saturday.

Even if we have a very open communication about our wishes and fantasies this can trig us for further experiments.

I've just come across this site, I've not used it myself but I had a look at some of the questions and it seemed ok.

If you have access to pic with a printer it's quite easy to make you own.

2 books that are on Oral sex available from Lovehoney also contain the questions.One of those books being called oral Sex He'll Never Fotget".