Crazy Position Fails

Anyone tried a new crazy position and it’s been a total disaster?

We tried one I can’t remember the name of it, where she is lying on her stomach and I had to lie with my head at her feet and my penis pointing down the way.

We saw it in an article and thought it would be a good idea to give it a go.

Very very bad idea!!

Firstly I though I’d killed my old chap, then I thought I’d never walk again due to a back injury. Didn’t get one thrust and we ended up just laughing at trying something so ridiculous.

Anyone else tried a crazy position and how did it go?


Sometimes it can be like a game of Twister :joy:

Over my lifetime I have had some great failures . I have ran into failures because the lady friend was much taller than me or much shorter . In the heat of passion my brain was not calculating things out so good . The height differential most often involved sex while standing and preforming the 69 . And how many people have been in a challenging position and got a killer cramp ? Kind of wrecks the moment .