Cross dressing for Halloween ? Tips and suggestions please

It has been years since I cross dressed for Halloween , but I looked pretty good in wife's silky blue dress . Totally freaked out my next door neighbor , LOL . I think because I looked way better than his wife . Was wondering if any guys out there have succesfully wore a wonderbra ? Biggest setback for me is my beard , have to wear a vail . I see they sell padded panties that hide your manhood and instead form a camel toe . I think some lacy arm gloves might be a good idea . Also an idea for those that do sexy costumes , post a picture . I will if I succeed . If I really get into it , I will shave my legs and chest .

Wow , the response was so underwhelming I have to look up and make sure British celebrated Halloween . Or is the term crossdressing offensive ?

I'm going to start a new thread because I love the idea of finding out what y'all are gonna be for Halloween but I want it to be open to everyone! Crossdressing isn't just for Halloween!