Crossdresser Seeking Fashion Advice?


So i am a 26 year old crossdresser, however i have only ever worn lingerie but i am looking to go further and im wanting to buy some female clothes but i am not sure were to start to be honest and need some pointers

I also own some make up stuff but have only used it a couple of times so some make up pointers would be a great help also

As well would anyone advice buying a wig at all or not?

What are others experiences with crossdressing?

Hi there @MrBig2015!

I’m not a crossdresser, so afraid I can’t comment on experience or fit for example, but what I would say is have a think about what fabrics you like the feel of and what style you’d like to achieve. You can then have a look at photos and what you think would suit you/you’d like to wear. I think a lot of the fun is in the experimenting so if you think it looks nice, go for it! I’d normally suggest going to shops and just looking round, seeing the outfits, asking for advice from the shop assistants etc, but that may be quite tricky in current times! Hopefully someone else will be able to advise on sizes etc that may be suitable.

With make up, it depends what you’ve got and what sort of look you like. For example, natural/fresh, full face, nudes/colourful. Watching YouTube videos for makeup tutorials can be super helpful if you’re new to it. Happy to try and help if you have any specific make up questions or advice or certain products?

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Heels immediately jump to mind if you haven’t tried any yet :blush:

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@MrBig2015 it really depends what you’re into. Try browsing Lovehoney and elsewhere online and picking out what clothing you like and can afford. It needn’t be expensive.

I have several dresses and a mini skirt and some crop tops. What I really love is wearing stockings, suspenders and heels. I’ve never tried a wig and don’t do make up. Each to their own. Enjoy your experience.

As with any clothes for any person.

Measure yourself.

Set a budget.

Browse the web and just buy anything you like the look of. Aim for stuff with a decent returns policy.

Get it delivered. Try it on. Stuff you like the look off and feel good in you keep. Stuff you don’t. Send back. Simples.

Bought some kickass leggings over the years! More a sleaze metal look than a cross dress look, although depending on the band that can be debatable. :crazy_face:

Hells,boots, red wine lipstick, bodystockings and the lingerie’s are the best option that you can try. but make sure to read the reviews before buy the bodystockings. I always prefer the EDITED BY MOD this site for the reviews.