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Hi fellow Lovehonies :two_hearts:

Thought I’d introduce my husband (52) and I (49). We’ve recently celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary. We have always communicated very well, have trust & confidence in each other to explore our fantasies without judgement.
I have always had a mod/high libido but now it is excepting high!
Hubby was extremely high & now is moderate.
We just love playing together, & include an extra male (bull) often which just works for us. We introduced this over 10yrs ago now and still works for us. I’m also attracted to females & have had 4 great relationships which taught me a lot about myself.
We have an incredibly sexy fun & super adventurous relationship.
There’s much more to say in this area. :wink:
Our journey has been that good for our relationship, personal growth & physical/mental health that I’ve written a draft copy about it ALL for a book.
I’d love to have it published one day, I feel it would assist many people to be who they want to be as soon as they decide to be.
I know if I’d read someones personal sex playtime journey at a much younger age I’d have felt like I could do it too!

The saying those that play together stay together is most definitely true for us :partying_face:
Alone play is just as important for us both & we both just love it :heart_eyes:

We have quite an extensive collection of sex toys, cock cage, pussy pumps, floggers, nipple clamps, cock rings, cock sleeves, but toys,vibrators, sex swing +++++
I just love wearing sexy lingerie & making a real effort for our special times to play.

Cate :grinning::two_hearts::grinning:

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