Cucks and queans?

I’m curious if we have any cuckolds or cuckqueans in the forums? I’ve been in and around the lifestyle as a Dom for a good few years, and slowly introducing aspects of both to my other half. However, being skint during experimentation I never had a lot of money to splurge on toys. I’m curious, if besides the obvious of cages and belts etc if anybody has any go to toys that they associate with cuckolding or queaning? Cheers folks!


These toys are available on uk Lovehoney website

Lots of Mirrors

Ohh @anon16818370, I love the idea of the mirrors, and the fucking machine would have so many applications! Guess I will need to start saving! Lol

@anon16818370 we have huge slidding mirror wardrobes doors great for watching his cock slid in and out

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This is cheap and simple to do. Why don’t you do couple sex with lots of massage oils or different foods. Watch them use the inflatable dildo chair oiled up. Try and make them squirt etc.

Sounds good and sensual, definitely can’t be beat! We have a smaller mirror at the minute, but definitely need to get a bigger one that views the bed!

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Try mirrors above the bed as well.

how would you fit the mirrors over the bed good idea @anon16818370

@AWB1955 Very, very strong screws! Sure there’s an innuendo in there somewhere… :wink:

Thanks for the info @anon16818370 yes @Scottishcouple468 all depending how long the screw is

Lol dirty people

Lol i just love mirrors @anon16818370 plus you started the conversation

Good point clearly I am the ring leader.

Mentioning it, knowing where our minds would take it… tsk tsk…

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@anon16818370 have u installed mirrors then mine are huge

No afraid not. We have a long mirror to get ready in front of, so we once decided to have sex in front of it. I loved it however my husband didn’t like himself staring back at himself. He is very insecure about his body image, he keep comparing himself. When I first started dating him he would not take his T-shirt of during sex so I tour it off him. I love him and find him the sexiest person I have ever met and tell him this. But he has to change his mind frame of himself.

However this doesn’t mean I will not try to put mirrors up because I loved seeing him thrusting inside me and he will get use to it lol.