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I have enjoyed licking my female partners clean after I cum in them . To me the most sensual thing is our combined love juices , scent and Taste . Over the years I have licked my cum off her tits too and have loved my pre cum . I also loved snowballing . Myself like a million guys want to taste their own cum fresh out of our cocks , but lost all desire as soon as we came . I told myself " you are getting pretty damn old , just do it " . About a year ago I came in my hand and immediately slurped it up . It was not as tasty as pre cum ( wish I produced a half of cup of it to consume ) , but it was not unpleasant . The ruined orgasm may be an easy way to do it if you can’t bring yourself to do it .


This is a great tread!

Yeah Taffinexile, it’s a real delight when the lady, with a cunt full of jizz, straddles ya face and empties herself into your mouth. Then I clean up all the rest of her meaty bits :yum::yum:

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I do this with hubby…mostly it’s not his cum he’s cleaning though :smiling_imp: :kissing_heart:



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I think I’m the same, in the moment I’d do anything, but once I cum the urge will die :sweat_smile:

If I really wanted to do it “before” I cum, I’d put myself against a wall upside down so that I cum on my face, still have the urge for a little bit so works well for me :laughing:

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I am slowly building up to it, I go down after I cum if she doesn’t cum and lick her clit to orgasm. Each time I venture further and further including last night I got a taste and I didn’t mind it at all, next time may be all in.


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I used to have the same issue as the original post, of the urge going as soon as I came, then one day managed to push through and lick my cum of my wifes tits. Nowi clean up most times. Wife thought it was strange that I would want to that at first, but has come around and now enjoys me cleaning her up.
The next stage if for her to allow me to kiss her after the clean up!


Like many here, I’ve been talking about tasting my own cum for ages, but always lost the urge after coming. But having read this topic we’ve just done it for the first time - I came in her mouth and she then kissed me. Super sexy and very intimate. The taste was fine but not sure about the texture filling my mouth. I think perhaps next time I’ll try and lick it off her boobs instead.


I used to do the exact same with my previous partner , she loved it , a cum kiss .

My Partner is taking antidepressants and since increasing their dose he is now unable to come, he is still get an erection and their is precum but I don’t want him to get depressed again so question is how do I support him & also make sure we remain a level of intimacy?

Hi @CJLindsay :wave: Welcome to the forum! You might find you get more replies by starting a new thread (use the +new topic button). It might be sensible to for your partner to speak to his GP. It’s a common side effect but not a pleasant one for most people. If you think this side effect could have a negative effect on his mental health then it’s worth speaking to his doctor or psychiatrist and seeing if there is something else he could try instead or as well as the dose he was on previously. Also, it sounds like you’re already doing the right thing, being open with him, have lots of conversations and make sure that he knows that it isn’t a problem for you. If he is finding it a problem and it’s upsetting him then encourage him to have the conversation with his doctor.

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It’s been reported as a common side effect.

There’s an upside to it… he can spend a lot longer satisfying you in which ever position you want.
The orgasm is one thing, the intimacy promoted by a healthy sex life another.
If you are happy to still have sex without him finishing everytime, just keep doing it, enjoy him for as long as you want/need to, and then learn to end things when you are satisfied/had enough.

You may find that he still enjoys it tremendously?

Has his libido suffered too?

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For me when I was in the same situation it took a bit of a goal shift…

Yes climax is fantastic, but it isn’t the goal of sex. Intimacy and feeling good are why we do it, so as long as the sex still feels good then I managed not being able to come half the time.

Or if you’re kinky, use it as a play thing and add denial to the mix. Not being able to come is then a benefit.

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Hello CJLindsay, I totally understand your position. I had/have cPTSD and was on Sertraline for years, (a med that is renowned for the problem your partner has). I was exactly the same in my mid to late fifties as a newly single bloke enjoying times with different women but totally unable to cum. Initially I was made up being able to go all night, certainly no complaints from the ladies, but it did become tiresome not having that release of an orgasm. I tried different anti depressants with not much difference and/or they weren’t as effective for treating the main problem. Others have done that but with varying degrees of success Your partner may want to chat with his doc about changing his meds.

For me, I went totally cold turkey and changed everything in my life. Came off all meds. Got back into hard physical exercise, ate super healthy, tuned into meditation and mindfulness, not making too many plans etc and it worked for me. I found myself in a lovely mental and emotional place and, most importantly for me, I was just kind to myself.

I know my answer is very personal to myself, but I hope it can help you and your fella. I wish you both the best of luck.

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