Cum tasting

Odd question but, what do we all think cum actually tastes of?

I know when you're younger playground rumour is that it's incredbily salty (or so was the saying in my high school. Might have just been salty boys round my end- dunno as I didn't manage to crack BJs until sixth form!) then theres all the stuff about pineapple juice making it sweet...

Personally I can't taste anything (Mainly cos my ex wasn't the best taste (old eggs springs to mind) so I don't really let the blokes cum hang round in my mouth long enough to taste it!)

Differs according to what you eat obviously, but being into Snowballing and quite liking to supplement my vitamin C intake whenever engaging in solitary vice l think it tastes like really nothing else, slight mustyness, hint of bleach/ammonia, but only very slightly and semolina pudding for texture. Texture varies according to when l last emptied my balls, from thin and runny to almost wallpaper paste consistency- does this ring true with any of you other campers !!


I found that when I was using Maximuscle Cyclone my girlfriend found the taste to improve...markedly!

Me and Mrs Strapon indulge in a little bit of snowballing too when I cum all over her and I'm not a big fan of the taste of my cum, but she loves it.

I think it's just the fact that I'm tasting my own cum that puts me off the taste, but I do love doing it seeing ass it involves me licking my cum off her gorgeous tits and body. Kissing each other and having her suck my cum off my tongue is very kinky though.

Is anyone else into snowballing here? x

(Hope i'm not changing the topic too much here!)

....and the taste!!!


depending on your diet really depends on taste and texture plenty of juice zinc and fruit is usually the best way to get a good tasting load lol but i dont think theres an actual average taste for every man on the planet its a personal thing

xxxxxxxxx lil known secret xxxxxxxx

Agreed lil known, therefore should not this be a thread to rival the hello/goodnight one !!

Just a thought.

Tallboy..... eg do strawberries make it taste of jam etc.. l must admit l haven't been that curious ....til now.

Im planning a little tasting session tonight so Ill let you know hehe

Naughty girl Sexychic, naughty - but nice !!!


Mine varies so so much...

There's a bit of a stigma about guys tasting their own (outside of open minded places like here) but hey, we're all curious people and I don't think guys should expect girls to taste it if they haven't themselves - that just wouldn't be fair! :)

Now that is a good point! You want head- you fucking swallow it then! lol

Yeah exactly!

But it works both ways, if I'm ever unfortunate enough to meet someone who flat out refuses to give any oral because 'it tastes bad' I'll just raise an eyebrow and say 'does it?', might get a funny look the first time but hey!

...and well Sexychic, what flavour was it then hun????


Ill let you know tonight I got home from Cinema and fell asleep teehee. so poor hubby was all deprived

but aparently im getting it big time tonight so cant wait

salty yogurt...

Take it that's plain yogurt then mama!!!


plain warm salty yoghurt?

Mine varies massively in every possible way, the main problem is volume though, quite a lot of the time it seems i'm trying to drown my other half!

Lol- I've noticed the volume increase/ decrease in the bloke too. He doesn't wank (apparently) so when I've been on for a week I end up with so much cum in my mouth or vagina that I can feel myself ballooning...

Yep Cray dearie but all that vitamin C, you'll never get scurvy hun!!


but I DO and this still doesnt stop it, blowjobs end with her backing it out of her mouth until its just touching her lips then she has to bail, regularly that isnt enough time!