cupid g spot stimulator

anyone got this, how do u open to put batteries in lol struggling here xx

Yep I have it. The batteries go in the bottom like a normal vibe but it is quite tricky to get the bottom off and back on does just screw on and off though x

thankx terri jj struggling it's driving me mental lol xx

got it lol xx

It kind of clicks off as it's not the easiest x

Excellent ! Lol x

Enjoy !

damn now i cant close it grrrr xx

Oh dear gets easier with practice !......and it's well worth the stuggle 😉 x

not happening lol xx

Right, just had a look at mine for you. If you look inside the pink cap there are 2 little raised parts that you have to line up so that they click into the grooves on the purple body of the toy. It only takes about 1/4 of a turn for them to lock into place but you also need to look at the shape of the pink part and make sure you have it so that when it locks in , the shape lines up with the shape of the purple part.....there is a small difference in the front and back but it won't lock in if it dosent match up x

not working at all think it may be faulty x

If you really can't get it to co operate, give live chat a shout and they'll tell you how to go about getting a replacement sent. It can be really awkward to get on and off though x

tried live chat, i think its gonna have to be a replacement, im right that the nobby bit of battery points up tho yeah x

Mine has 2 AAA batteries.....1 nobbly bit up, 1nobbly bit down x

lol i will try that no both springs seem to be in vibe rather than cap x

its buzzing lol x

Hooray ! Lol x

I had the exact same problem but the button on mine won't turn it off or change the setting, got a very numb arm trying to sort it yesterday, customer service are sending another one out, glad you got yours sorted :-)

yeah finally naughtymermaid but was not in the mood once sorted lol, took too much faffing x