Curious does anyone like peeing like the opposite sex as a kink

I use to love watching clips of women peeing outdoors still do, I found it looked sexy not just the peeing part but the crouch or squat look, even how far they had their trousers and panties down, so I started to pee like that as part of my kink outdoors, I would see how far they had their panties and trousers down and have mine down exactly the same.

then I would see pictures of women sitting on the edge of baths and sinks to pee so I soon got into that as well.

The peeing fetish really does have so many sides not just what alot of people associate it with wetting or golden showers which I will say is also totally fun.

My last my partner totally loved it when I surprised her on my new squatting kink, she loved it even more when I tried to copy her way off peeing. She did attempt to try to pee standing at times but it was mostly a fail but we both enjoyed the times when she tried, as it was a fail most times it would be stand in the bath fun.


I pee sitting down given a choice but that’s a combination of age and wearing a cock cage which tends to make aiming difficult.

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@teacake 100% this :point_up: