Pretty sure everyone must have had someone cyber with them at some point, and fair enough. Guys we all get it you have your needs but shouldnt you take it somewhere else after the first sarcastic reply?
(not ruling out girl cybers here, just not came across one)
So my point of the thread, dyou think that we should be allowed to out these cybers and copy and paste the convo if after many annoyances they dont give up. And warn people off adding them, unless theyre up for that kind of thing ofc. Or do we let it slide, keep adding people hoping we wont come across a jerk and then delete them when we do and let them add another poor soul. I get that private chat is private, but its happened over a dozen times now and tbh its getting abit sickening.
So thoughts? :) should we name and shame or delete and move on, let them harrass someone else, not our problem?

Just be careful who you "befriend" by getting to know them through posts first.

If people then go on to offend delete them, if they re-request leave them as pending.

Outing people is not going to help.

Do on the net as you would in real life, if someone says something distasteful you dont persecute them you just make a mental note that they are a jerk.

(If someone is breaking the rules, report them - still not a name and shame situation)

But bear in mind the friend facility on here is basically about chat, nothing else. You dont get status updates and no one really counts if you have the most.

This is a hard one at the end of the day we are all adults, this is a forum not FB you can't delete and block if somone has annoyed you or been rude or nasty . The best thing to do is de friend them and ingore friend request , they will get the message. Don't think there needs to be any naming or shaming as they could speak to someone else compeletley differently & people can pre judge someone before they have been allowed to make their own judgement . It cause riots on the forum and were all here to have a good time have a laugh and spice things up . Yes people can act dicks boys & girls included move on and try and not let it effect you as not everyone is a dick x

Agree with you both :) just wanted to know the general opinion of people. I add people not to hoard friends as your right noone sees it anyway, but to get to know people, everyone deserves a first chance right?
Not gonna lie if someone was a jerk in real life pretty sure id have a little cry and then bitch about it to my close friends lol

About chat and peoples opinions :) which is what I wanted to guage from this thread.

I try and make the whole thing into a joke, it makes me feel better, the other person feel stupid and then hopefully the whole thing can blow over. Im not going to persectute anyone for wanting to talk to me and sexually after all i have pictures up of my bottom and this is a sex toy site :) but it can get taken to far, id say i was quite liberal with most things and happy to answer most questions.
And true I could talk to someone who wanted nothing more than to see whether i was horny or what i was wearing, and then to another person they could be quite friendly or when they did want genuine advice, if they were named and shamed then they may not get the advice they need. Everyone has down days.

This is my recipe for moving on, the thought that most people are here to have a nice time speak to good people and look for advice, and that as you say not everyone is a dick.
That coupled with my funny replies to their stupid questions :)
Still wish it didnt happen mind, it can make you not want to be on the forum. Which isnt right as, as you said this is a place for people to have a good time x

Just to clarify I dont think we should name and shame, ill copy my hilarious replies to close friends, air it that way, confident its not going to be passed round the forums and create bad feelings. But I would, if someone spoke to me about their experience with a certain person, tell them about mine if it was the same person and re-evalutate my thoughts from then on out. As, as confident as i am about naming and shaming not working on all accounts, I still think persistantly trying to cyber with someone is quite sick, if youre so horny find some darn porn like the rest of the world. x

There's a thread on this with some good advice on somewhere will have a look for it, but Alice has always said to report them to her via email if there's a persistent problem and they will have a word, and/or ban them if necessary. However I know someone who was banned for this and is here under a different user name now so nothing is foolproof.

First step is to de-friend tho I guess and not to accept any abuse/whinging etc if you don't wish to engage in this kind of chat, after all we all know it is a 'rule' not to but can't be policed on chat...

Edit: Here's the thread

I wouldn't name them on the forum as that course of action is open to abuse. Also don't forget that inflammatory behaviour is against the rules and is never in anyone's best interests.

If someone is inappropriate with you then the best thing to do is ignore them, remove them as a friend and report them to Lovehoney. Keep a record of what they said to you if possible. Lovehoney staff always advise that problems should be immediately reported since they need to know about the issue before they can deal with it.

While chat is indeed private, it is still covered under the Lovehoney community guidelines. If someone behaves in a way that you feel is not within the rules either on the forum, in chat or in any other way related to Lovehoney then tell a moderator. Nobody gets banned for a first offence (unless incredibly serious I would think) so there is nothing to lose. If it isn't their only infraction then clearly they are a menace and deserve whatever punishment the mods hand out.

Inappropriate behaviour is never acceptable. Don't feel as though you owe the offender anything or make any excuses for their behaviour. Letting them get away with it only puts other members at risk who may not be as strong as you.

There is some good advice in this rather long thread: