I am new to this site, looks like a fun place.
I am here at the command of my wife.
She has dared me to find a forum, and ask for your help.
She is planning a session I will never forget.
She will be tying me up naked and blindfolded.

She will do everything you post here to me(within safety reason)

I am to ask you for your orders for her in detail.
She will print them off and I guess the rest is out of my bound hands.

Post away, don't be shy, she is a lady of her word
Thanks, .....I Think

is she wanting to inflict pain or just make all your other sences work over time...because i think some cold food on your chest being slowly licked off would be great... maybe with some gental nipple biting.... followed by a nice flavoured blowjob and.... some one else carry it one... maybe a mixture of all our ideas will make a frantastic night for you guys..

i'm thinkin food scene from 9 1/2 weeks (again lol) oh and maybe a slither or 2 of fresh ginger and maybe...a butternut squash *evil giggle*

LOL omg they should change this site to the BUTTERNUT SQUASH brigade instead of orasm army!! just a thought ^_o

You are making me hungry w/ all the food,
give her some good pain ideas too,
all that lovin, it might end too soon LOL
I cant believe i'm helping the means to my oun demise...Yikes

Hey, explain the fresh ginger thing, 2nd time I heard a reference to it???

This is ..yup his wife.
you all are being too easy on him
I want him to enjoy it but not too much, don't want him cuming too soon, so I plan on dishen up some pain goodies as well....
Bruhahahahhhh ...ha ha ha

He is in so much trouble....

Ps dont, tell him I was here
guess that won't work I see he has been checking..
won't help him none though

ok ginger...needs to be fresh
slice a tiny slither
insert into hole in penis or anus or vagina
it produces and intence sting/burn but in a nice way (i think)
hope that helps (starts writing disclaimer)

trollstar go easy if they ask about our old friend butternut lol :)

Candle wax is always fun, and ouchy - use parafin wax ones if you can as they are a safe temperature - lovehoney also do scented soya ones which are cooler still and turn into massage oil on the skin... I have my massage candle still waiting to be used *prods bf*

Ooh and if it's wax that dries hard scrape it off with a dagger.... maybe let him feel the point of it a little, teasing its way down his prone form and he knows he MUST stay absolutely still! I keep a semi sharp for this kind of play ;-)

Try having some mints before giving oral - stronger the better.

Airwaves chewing gum is awesome if you can take it ;) but obviously make sure you spit it out before you begin as you don't want it to get stuck somewhere!

Am I the only one who wants to add "paint McBirdie's back garden wall" to the list? Just me then? Fair enough. :)

Food is fun, but I like a feather. Tied down, wee bit of tickling, every now and then switching to some other kind of caress so he doesn't know what is coming next...blindfolds are a joy.

He he Happycamper - I'm just remembering a guy who was bent over and had 5 candles shoved in his butt and lit :-D Insert before lighting works best ;-) And yes the wax was allowed to dribble down

*mean and loving it*

Hi once used the wrong type of wax, luckily only got the mark on my thigh !!!! could have been worse. Education in its many guises is surely a wonderful thing n'est pas !

Well the most fun I had was with my wrists cuffed hooked to a door.
I was wearing my ankle restraints with a metal spreader bar and a ball gag and vibrating nipple clamps.
He put my fav butt plug in after massaging my thighs and hips before spanking me hard with my fav paddle...
After a while the took out the plug used a strap on for double penitration.

Good luck! ODD ^_~

Ah you have to tell us all about it when it happens! No secrets on here!

Only one thing to add- a payback session. Make sure you tie her up in return!

i think you should get him all tied up and blindfolded, and then sneak the girls in and see how long it is before he realises its more than one pair of hands and what kind of effect that hs on him...