Dating more than one guy...

I've been online dating and I've been on about 5 dates. A couple of them have been good, a couple of them not so good.

There's one guy who I think I really like, we've been on a few dates and slept together (which was great!) He's the only one I've been on more than one date with and we get on well.

I have a second date scheduled with another guy but I'm not sure that I want to go. The first date was okay and there have been some flirtatious texts but I'm not sure about him.

I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket but at the same time I don't want to confuse myself. On our last date we talked about it and he said he isn't dating anyone else. He's made it pretty clear that he likes me. I don't want to mess it up.

I'm just a bit confused, I didn't expect to meet someone that I really liked to quickly and I was only really looking to date and play the field. This is all unknown territory to me and I'm unsure!

So do I cancel the date and hope that it all goes well with the guy I like? Or do I make fully sure that I like him before we start being exclusive? Advice please! x

I personally go with the guy you know better! But its hard to tell? until you been with them for sometime to see if they show their true colours.

But if your not in a relationship yet... you both dating? if the first one said hes hasn't dated anyone else? do you believe him or could he be even in a current relationship!!!

But I would say go on the second date, and see what his like... you never know he could be better, or worst then you can re-date the first guy again! :)

I would go meet the 2nd guy, just to edge my bets so I made the right choice. The first guy may also be dating others whilst he decides which is fairly normal I think? Or is it the first guy who isn't?

I'd just go anyway, what have you got to lose, don't jump in to a relationship, enjoy a few dates and then see how you feel.

Good luck x

Go with your gut instinct....i feel myvery rarly lets me down...

I met my OH just under 3 yrs ago and he was one of the 1st ppl i spoke to on a dating site and I was unsure about jumping in with both feet but we had a date and we just clicked...I did go on a few other dates but I only ended up comparing them so gave up with other dates and focused on what felt good ...I was not looking to go straight into a relationship but often they come when we are least looking.

Gd luck hun and I hope what ever you decide brings you fun and happiness xx

simple question are you looking for a one on one relationship or just having a good time dating

Sorry, realised it's a bit unclear.

The guy I like said that he isn't dating anyone else.

The guy that I'm not sure about is dating other people.

My instinct is telling me not to go on the date. But I've been hurt in the past and I don't want to be silly and jump into something too soon. I know I'm overthinking it but it's so hard!

I thought that I just wanted to date and not be tied down, just go and meet some new people. But now I feel that I want to be in a relationship and I'm kinda shocked about that!

Put the dating on hold , go for a while wityh the guy you like then if it doesnt work just start over?

But Im hopeless at dating lol

If you feel that way, then go with your instinct, cancel the date and then see how you feel, if you feel regret you can always reschedule the date, if you feel glad then it was the right thing to do.

Maybe have a few more dates with the first guy, and not any others, and see what happens, try not to heap too much expectation on it, just in case, just enjoy spending time with him, it doesn't necessarily need a label, people get too hung up on labels, just have fun!

Good luck x

I would have to say date the guy you like and cancel the second guy, hes openly admited dating other women so I doubt hes looking for a relationship of course the guy you like could be telling fibs but he could also be telling the truth go with your gut darling you like the guy you are clicking and your getting on which is great

I would be worried that if your guy is only dating you and finds out your continuing to date other men it will put him off if he's hoping to have a relationship with you

If it doesn't work out there are plenty more fish in the sea xxx

I agree with everything Hellkat says.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone.

I've just never done this before so I'm finding it all a bit confusing! Like I said I didn't expect to fall for someone this quickly... I thought I'd play the field and date lots of different people. Silly me!

After a lot of thought I've decided to cancel the date with the other guy. I'm going on a date with the guy I like soon so I'm going to see how that goes.

If it's good and I like him then I'm going to stop dating other people. If I'm still unsure then I'm going to give the other guy a chance and see how it goes.

I'm just really trying not to get my hopes up too much...but I can't stop thinking about him! Argh!!! x