Deadly combinations

Does anyone else combine toys to end up with something new and wonderful?

Here's one:
The sleeve of this....
Slipped over this...
when it's attached to this..

Is, shall we say... a weapon of phenomonal power.

Haha the Magic Wand is a powerhouse of the sex toy world! You could strap anything to it :D

I've cut the bottom bit off our double dinger cock ring and put the big bullet where the little bullet goes in the tickler bit , but the bullet just isn't powerful enough for me, it's too high pitched and makes me a bit numb! The small bullet wasn't doing anything for hubby just sat there under his balls so I snipped them off - the ring, not his balls!

Woah, it's like an episode of McGyver!

Never actual cut & paste toys to make a hybrid but often combine toys for a better buzz. A decent butt plug improves just about owt.

Going slightly off thread (oooh eck!) Are those magic wands any hassle, I have reservations when reading about a power convertor rerequired. They do sound awesome!

Magic Wand is a bit fussy - needs a power convertor, and I have an extension cable/dial box so I have more than two strength settings. It also tends to get very warm after about 30 minutes.

Upside is, it is the first thing ever that can really get me off. So to me totally worth it.