Dear Mr Postman....

.... Please deliver my stuff faster! I cant wait to get some use from

Anyone else get impatient at the postman when it comes to the new stuff gettign delivered?

Our postman varies his delivery times every day. Sometimes he'll be here by 10am, other days he doesn't show up until after 3pm...

but yeah, I always get impatient!

David, I think we might have the same postman, as our post varies too on a day to day basis.

Don't worry im sure it will come x3

My post man some times doesnt ring my room bell so i dont hear them and have to get stuff re sent

SammyNapalm wrote:

Don't worry im sure it will come x3

Btw forgot to add my orders come like umm two days not complaining tho im not much of a inpatient person

woot my stuff just arrived! ^^

brb in a few hours.....

Impatient isn't the word if i'm expecting something, I'm looking out the window constantly and as soon as I see him I am standing in hall awaiting the knock, he doesn't even get a second knock in and the doors opened and shut again, and am away upstairs like a kid with a new toy lol. You wouldn't believe the amount of times I've fallen up the stairs, doh.

Impatient here too! I missed my postie by 10 mins today. Now I have to wait for re-delivery on Monday :(

Mines tend to come between 8am and 10am

Our Postman comes between 9 and 11 Monday to Friday and on a Saturday he comes between 9 and 10 so not too late :)

I think I may miss my delivery on wednesday, have to go to Cardiff for the day.... BUT im not sure if this was wise, but I have left a note to leave with next door (a house full of rugby and football uni students) .... They will have a shock if they look inside!

My postie comes between 9-11 and of course i get impatient but only when it's a parcel i'm really looking forward to. Then again i live literaly across the road from a little shop come post office so if i miss him/her i don't need to go far to pick it up though of course the '"wait X hours before collecting" is never fun knowing they have something for me that i can't get.

One annoying problem is that my sister always gets parcel delivered to my house (sometimes without telling anyone) due to someone being in all the time so i often get excited thinking my parcel has arrived when it's infact my sisters.

My postman dosen't come till 11:30am -3pm it sucks :( Expecially if I know I have some Lovehoney products on the way! But if I am not in the house, he will slide packages under my back gate for me. I dont normally miss the postman while I am in the house as my puppy barks whenever she hears the doorbell haha.

I'm still waiting for my LH parcel to arrive. I ordered in the early hours of Thursday so fingers crossed it arrives today! x

Haha the only letter I had today was adderess to my partners ex. Not the nicest first thing to see when you go downstairs.....

Briohne wrote:

Haha the only letter I had today was adderess to my partners ex. Not the nicest first thing to see when you go downstairs.....

Oh, I can imagine! I didn't receive any mail :(

Waiting on tomorrow for my order now. I phoned Royal Mail to see where it's up to and they said it's still being processed. Getting very impatient now :(