Decisions Decisions..

I'm trying to decide which dildo to buy out of the following:


Does anyone have any suggestions/experience? I just can't make my mind up, but I don't really want to be spending all that money on getting both of them.

Hmm, I think I actually prefer the look of the first -- it's a bit more sophisticated and looks better quality. Although, the second is lovely, too. It's a hard choice...I'd toss a coin for it!

Sorry Miss-Nomer and still love your hair. But I have to say go with the girth 4262 wins hands down. Not only is it wider but it has the interesting pattern on it as in shape. We did in fact go for the TSAR OF RUSSISA which is very good but each to her own taste. hoping this helps S/BEAST

I love the look of the spirel one... it looks like it would give lots of pleasure :P

I'm becoming more fond of the first (4262) everytime I look. They've both got a similar texture on the shaft (though the first seems more comfortable looking than the second), but 4262 has the added bonus of a ball on the end -- which could make for some interesting variation.

Hi there, been following the site for a while but first post , so be gentle with me! Just to throw you a curve ball, I've had one of these for a while.

It's great -especially the heat-up, chill thing! And now I'm thinking of getting one of these

as the whole 'viewing' aspect of it makes it sound very interesting!! Both the ones you're looking at look great though, good luck with your decision.

The Love Labs dildo offers more flexibility as both ends can be used. The Icicles dildo has one flat end so is single ended. For the extra price i'd go for the Love Labs as it's a bit more functional... i think the round end looks like lots of fun!

I think just the fact you are looking at glass is a plus... people say all the time glass is great you can have it hot or cold...sounds great to me :D

Thanks for the comments. After careful consideration I bought the Icicles one last night off of impulse. I think I might ask my BF to get me the other one as a late birthday present. If all else fails I'll just get that one the next time I get paid!

That temptation-sensation site looks pretty cool... Heck, I'm just gonna end up spending all my money on glass dildos! Eek!

Hehe, well if you're going to spend all your money on any sex toy, I'd say glass dildos are probably the best option :P

I hope so. I have a Twister and a Galaxy arriving tomorrow! Viva la 3 for 2 :)

I have a Love Labs glass dildo, and it's the best money I've spent in ages - so much so, there's another two on my shopping list.

I see that fun4girlz ^^^ is our latest spammer with a cheap sex toy site to peddle.

Actually those links were pretty funny - "Magic Zoom slides into vaginal or anal lust depths almost automatically."

Don't think I'd want something magically zooming into my lust depth thank you very much! ROFL

I was a bit gutted so see the Spiral out of stock. The review that prompted a user to have her first female ejaculation was too much temptation for me. Anyhoo, I'll pop a review up to spread the word :)

Mmm, 'spread'. I like that word...

the twister is definately on my wishlist!! has everyone who has bought a glass dildo reccommend them then? i want one to add to my growing collection! lovehoney hasnt done any favours to my tiny student budget haha

oops...should be 'does everyone..' :D

Well. If you're an English student, you may be horny and broke, but your syntax is fine :P

SonicQ, that was me - and it truly did! Which is why there will be a couple more winging my way come pay day.

well ive just got my loan through and being away from my boyfriend isn't doing me any good :D i might have to make an investment..which ones do everyone recommend?

I think you should go all hog and get a selection box :P
You get loads of different things to play with... but if you just want a man replacement for ur man while he aint there then go for a realistic vib or dildo!!