Delay sprays recommend them or not ?

Hi guys....

Just wondering what anyone would recommend..... My partner can last upto about 5 minutes or depended on position a whole lot less, he has said that when I'm on top he struggles to hold back and typically it's my all time favourite position..... It'd be great to be able to manage more than one position on most sessions and I'm really missing orgasming myself :-/ xx

Hi spudsman, I have just got this.

I havnt written my review yet but I am very impressed it is a middle of the road strength multipurpose gel. We have used it twice once on my penis and once on my Wife before anal . We both give it a thumbs up. I have a friend with PE and I have got him a strong spay . He is letting me know in a few days how he got on.

My mate has got this

There are some in the offer and i have to say I am tempted.

I've tried the LH delay one with mixed results but maybe a spray is better?

Thanks for the response.... Yes I was thinking of give the spray a whirl as it's a reasonable price and has got good reviews.... My only slight concern is how it will effect oral as I don't fancy a numb mouth and tongue !! Suppose I shall just have to suck it and see ;o) xx

I've used this once so far since purchase

It definately helped delay me.

Maybe suck him before applying it then climb on top?