Delete forum account

How do I delete my forum account?

Aw, sorry to hear you want to delete your account :pleading_face: If you’re sure you want to go, you need to contact @Lovehoney_Brenna by email at you will be able to either delete your account and all your posts or delete your account but leave your posts as an anonymous user for others to read. But please consider staying x

Dunno if I want to seems you can’t even reply directly to someone in a thread without getting told off, what do I do just ignore them? So confused right now.

Have a think about it for a bit, sleep on it and drop Brenna an email in the morning. It’s really hard sometimes, especially when you’re trying to help someone and no one else is responding. All I can suggest is that you try to involve other people in the conversation so try to keep your replies as open as possible and yes, if someone appears to be flirting with you or asking very direct or personal questions it’s ok to not answer them directly. Maybe Brenna or one of the other mods can give some better, more specific examples.

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As far as I am concerned there was definitely no flirting at all, just innocent (well as innocent as sex related questions go that is) banter etc


Hi @HornyHousewife69 as the song says “please don’t go, don’t go” I know at times we can all break the rules sometimes and at the time feel like we are being picked on but the forum is a lovely place. I’ve been on it for 3 years or more now and I just love the openness of it all. At times 1 to 1 messaging would be good but overall it is very good. So please don’t leave us. :sob:

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I don’t want 1 to 1 messaging but the fact I replied directly to another user using the reply button under their post/response gets us a telling off, twice now telling us not to engage on 1 on 1 chat :woman_shrugging:

Maybe that particular reply button should be disabled if we are not to use it, I dunno :woman_shrugging:

Never mind maybe I’m just being too touchy, picky, or whatever :rofl:

I think you’re just worrying unnecessarily. I tend to think that three direct replies to one person is about the point where it becomes hard for someone else to join the conversation. Think about how it looks to an outsider and whether someone else would feel able to jump in. So, as an example, if i make a comment that I prefer anal sex over vaginal and someone replies to that and asks why I prefer anal, I would feel ok answering that question directly but if that same person keeps asking more and more detailed questions about it, I might reply with my answer and then say “what does everyone else think about this?” Or i might say “we’re at risk of breaking the rules here, can you try to open your questions up to other people too” or I might be blunt and say “none of you business” but that’s just me! We all slip up sometimes, especially at the beginning, try not to take it personally x


It’s hard not to take it personally, but I see where your coming from, thanks for your advice anyway but I will just hold my head up, put it behind me and try and be good from now on :rofl:


Please don’t delete your account - it’s a learning curve - I have been here 8-9 months now and in the early days I was forever being told to change or delete bits

Just keep it light - :lovehoney_heart:


Will do @batjamboree :wink:


@HornyHousewife69 all good now? glad to see you are still here (if, in fact, you are?).

I wasn’t on at the time so I didn’t see any of the posts in question.

I can only guess that it may not have been the content but the frequency of the replies. I did come on afterwards and saw threads with one or two replies, then one having 15+ responses. I have had some good back-n-forth on here with a few other members, they know who they are, but over several days with gaps in between the replies, so I was never told off. was it “one on one”? others replied as well, so maybe not but I was certainly using the reply button and @ to them

It can often be easy to slip into one to one conversation, especially if it’s in the early hours when most people are in bed, some of us work odd hours, other’s can’t sleep etc. So don’t take it personally.

Dont delete your account we have allbeen there i have been told off aswell we are a friendly bunch it us difficult not to get into 1 to 1 chats

I’m still here

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Just catching up @HornyHousewife69 with this thread… can only agree with others and say don’t go, I always find your posts interesting and open and that is how it should be…. Rules are a pain in any situation and we don’t always agree they are correct, but hang around and try not to take personally…. If someone upsets you with their comments or responses just block them!! Life is too short to be put off by rude people, who think they know best. (That is not a go at anybody, as didn’t see actual comments, just a general observation). If you enjoy the forum other than that I would say hang around and ignore the rude people!! :heart::heart:

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Thankyou, can’t block anyone yet as not at the required trust level, but to be honest no one I wanna block as everyone is so lovely


Like others have said @HornyHousewife69, I don’t want to see you go and what I have quoted you as saying is really nice. You are beginning to feel your feet here, and I shall be looking forward to when you are at Trust Level 2…perhaps some Lingerie pics??
Big hugs :people_hugging: