Delivery options to Czech Republic

I am just wondering if it would be possible to include a company like DHL or FedEx into the options, or not? Not just the Air Mail using Royal Mail and Czech Mail? Frankly I am starting to have my doubts about Czech Mail and I honestly doubt that most of the time the LH delivery estimates will be met. Apparently even delivery inside the republic can take the same time as the international options here at LH, and a parcel sent from one end of the capital may need 3-4 days to reach the other end from what I heard. And my letter took 3 weeks to reach me.

Hi Laveila,

We do always ask that customers conserend about the delivery of thier parcel to contact Customer Care on or phone us on: 0800 915 6635 so that we check the tracking and get this issue sorted for you.

If you don't contact us in this way there isn't really anything that we can do to help. Please get in touch asap so that we can help you.

Hope to hear from you soon!!!


Hi Gemma,

the current order got sorted out, the first one was resent as it iwas not still delivered, but I am worried about future orders, as it seems that there are some issues lately with Czech post. SO I am more wondering about future options, as I may come accros this issue again in the future.

But thank you for the reply.