Delivery vs. Pick-up

Does anyone else think it would be a good idea for LH to offer a self pick-up service? I've used some sites where they offer that the goods be delivered to a local post office or sorting office for collection and then I get an email telling me its waiting for collection.

The reason I ask is that like a lot of you I'm only 21 so still live at home and having to plan delivery for when I know i will be in and my parents out is really difficult. The use of an email reminder also help preserve secrets, and those red pick up cards through the door are a bitch to explain!lol

That sounds like a very good idea sexytime, l have a pile of new thingies l use whenever one of the red postal- you were out- notices arrives. Throws her bloodhound like instincts off the scent, and lets me suprise her!!!!!!!!

Ah long ago... remember my party though!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, it's a good idea and it's been on The Doc's to-do list for longer than we care to admit [hands head in shame].

The service is called Local Collect and it's run by the Royal Mail who can deliver to a local Post Office from where you collect your parcel.

We want to provide as many options as you need to have your orders delivered, so we'll nudge it nearer the top of The Doc's list.

[Cue loud sound of finger being pulled out]

There campers -responsive to the needs of their stakeholders- absolutely brilliant, well done Richard, by the way what are you still doing here on POETS day!!!


WOW, i'm impressed my idea sparked a reaction, and even more impressed to hear that its a possibility. Maybe if others leave a message we can start up a petition and get The Doc to get a move

Thanks Richard, now that's what I call customer service!! I'm a straight bloke, but not shy about talking about sex n stuff with mates (both male and female) and I've suggested lovehoney to all of them, and every single one has found at least one thing they like, but having it delivered to their family home is a no no. So i'm sure this could really drum up some extra business from the younger audience:-)

ooooo.......second thought. This service would be great for those of you with nosey kids who wanna know what the postie has Just read the details on the royal mail site, and they tell LH when its arrived at the post office and LH inform us so that we can go collect it. So it sounds like it would be possible to set up an automated system to send out emails, which reduces the extra manpower (cost) associated. You could even outsource the simple data entry to someone sat at home doing 'work-from-home' - saves on office

Sorry it sounds like i talk about costs n stuff a lot.........just graduated from doing Accounting at uni, and can't turn it

POETS day - I must have lead a sheltered life. Had to Google that to find out what is was. (I was posting from home before going out to see Gemma Hayes in Bristol - she was great and super-lovely as usual!)

Back on topic - glad that Local Collect would fit the bill for you and your friends, Sexytime.

No need for a petition, we'll get on it and do it - we've got a couple or three other additions to the checkout process that'll make life easier, so keep an eye out for changes over the next couple of weeks.

Of course, you'll have to place lots of orders to see what they are!

Don't worry, it'll all be super-automated - the Doc is a past master at that.

Piss Off Early Tomoz is Saturday, I think something like that am I right Tallboy ?

Correct as pretty much ever Studders old chap!!!! wishing you a frolicsome weekend, and hope a mass of good luck blows down your street matey.


tallboy247 wrote:

Correct as pretty much ever Studders old chap!!!! wishing you a frolicsome weekend, and hope a mass of good luck blows down your street matey.


Thanks tallboy ! I do try

Great news Richard

I look forward to hearing if it gets implemented, keep us posted. I'm really impressed with the customer service that LH offer as a result of this forum. More companies should offer the same. Keep up the great work guys


Did anything ever come of this?

HAHA, yep. And still living at home trying to save up for a deposit so me and the OH can get a place. Dam bankers!!

sexytime wrote:

HAHA, yep. And still living at home trying to save up for a deposit so me and the OH can get a place. Dam bankers!!

You can arrange for parcels to be delivered to your local Post Office or sorting office on Royal Mails end, although without the email.

Perhaps that's worth a try? You are patient though...

I'm not that patient. I do order stuff. I just have to wait until they go away!lol.

Could you have them delivered to a friend's house? One of my friends has clothes delivered here that she doesn't want her parents to know about!


I guess I could do, but tbh I wouldn't want them knowing either. Don't think all the guys would be too pleased to know I enjoy ramming stuff up my arse. Although they do know I have some stuff, I'd be horrified if they opened in and saw what i'd

Rents are away atm, so i've got stuff coming tomorrow morning for both me and my OH.

That would be handy, I find myself having to wait to order until I know I'll be the one who gets the post, or paying a fiver for delivery on a set day:(

On a related note..... If I make an order now (saturday early afternoon) what are the chances of it arriving on Monday?? It says it will be dispatched Monday but I've heard a lot of people saying it arrived on the Monday anyway?

If you order before 4pm, it generally arrives the next day, but not always the case with Saturdays.

Oh ok, thanks :)