Demon sperm or allergy?

I should clarify I've only ever had one sexual partner (my current boyfriend) so I don't really have any other experience to use as a reference. I've noticed that my boyfriend's cum makes my mouth tingle and go a little numb. I don't get the same reaction when it touches my normal skin. I've had sex once without a condom a while back and I don't remember any tingling then.

I assumed I maybe had a mild allergy or something since I've never heard anyone else talk about this before. I actually ended up mentioning this to my mum at one point (we're very close and she's not fazed by anything of that nature) and weirdly enough she had the exact same thing. She said she thought it was because the little spermies were alive and wriggling, but that seems disgusting and kind of impossible since they're microscopic.

So this got me thinking. Does anyone else experience a weird tingling feeling and slight numbness if their mouth comes(ha!) into contact with sperm? Or have I inherited some weird allergy? Or, alternatively, do certain men have weird hyper-active sperm?

I don't suffer with this problem but Yes you can be allergic to Sperm!
Apparently it's the proteins in it.
Google Sperm allergy.
There is a list of reactions. See if they match your symptoms.
Good luck x

Is this not what its meant to do? I just assumed it was normal having nothing to compare to. I love to give head but always let him finish somewhere else because I hate the feeling in my mouth.

Had your partner been wearing a condom? Only asking as it happened to me once. A guy had been wearing a durex extended pleasure condom, that's made for longer lasting performance. He took the condom off for a bj and made my lips tingle and go numb!

did you use any lube ect, as we have a doc johnsons one and makes my mouth tingle ( in a good way )

If it was allergy, wouldn't this have an effect in penetrative sex as well as omn body. Unless mild allergy?

I can't really help in the sense that I can't recall such a reaction but I do have a sperm allergy and I get itchy rashes if it comes in to contact with my skin, also I get sore and swollen inside after unprotected sex. I don't suppose that that helps you at all but that is my experience.