Design a T-Shirt

Been thinkin' folks. Decided I need a range of crass but bespoke printed T-shirts based on my current sexploits. Whadda ya think?

"Natural Born Pussy Eater"
"Team Sports Are More Fun"
"Two's Company, Three's a Blast"

So the, what would be on yours???

Hey, I like your last one! Ad I guess my version of your first one would have to be "Natural Born Cock Sucker" hehe By the way - spill the beans on this pussy eating you're alluding to. I wanna know what you've been up to! :-)

I'll have

"Naughty Girls Deserve A Good Spanking"

(or the stealth version for devotees - "Thank Me and Ask For Another")

"Trysexual" works for me too.

@ BBG- well, how can I put this? I'v got a male FB, he's got a female FB. His FB came over for dinner with both of us the other week and she ended up as the main course! Let's just say I was rather enthusiastic and Mr M, blown away by what he was watching, described me as a "natural born pussy-eater". Of course this gets a little more complicated when you factor in that my FB and Mr M's FB are in contact......It looks like the 4 of us may be getting together before too long. It so good to have friends...


...."I Banged Chuck Norris"


Okay but in all seriousness :3

"My Maids Cheeks Are Always Blushing."
"Bite me...No, seriously please do."
"I'm not going to use this paddle on my boat."

"or the stealth version for devotees - "Thank Me and Ask For Another""

I want this t-shirt. Love it. Although, mine would have to be the other way round since I'm more of a spankee than a spanker.

now you have got me thinking!

" thats not my phone vibrating!... "
" 2 rides in 1 "
" i've got the cuffs you supply the posts"

They have loads

Erm- bespoke ones though...

'World of Warcraft isn't the only role play out there'
'Lets get it over with... Yes I like Anal'
'These are for holding on to'

And the less popular

'If you're going to put your finger theres cut your bloomin nails first!'