"Desktop charging"

I recently had a conversation with Himself about the vibrators with "desktop" chargers. I asked why you'd want your vibe out on display the whole time and said that it didn't look very practical - especially if you have kids (we don't, but still) or flatmates or even house-guests.

He said that He would find it a tremendous turn-on to walk into a girl's bedroom and see her vibrator right there by the bedside. He said it would tell Him 2 things:

1) She's has a certain amount of sexual prowess - ie, He'd probably be "in" there...

and 2) She's uninhibited by her sexuality - ie, whey~hey if He does get "in" there.

So, yay or neigh to "desktop" charging?

i say yay! i leave a lot of mine out next to the bed, some propped up in the drawer of my bedside cabinet - everyone has to walk thru our bedroom to come in to the house so no doubt most of our friends have seen my toys! was particularly funny last night when my friend and i were playing with Nerf guns and one of the foam bullets went flying into the bedroom and she was searching for it on my side of the bed amongst my toys! oopsie! :)

I think it'd be a feasible idea- they're out and about if you have a mains rechargable one anyway.

When you said 'desktop' I immediatly linked it to computers, so now all I can think about is vibes that charge through USB ports. *geek*

You mean thats NOT what desktop means???

No it's a docking port, like you have for a phone in a car or to charge an electric razor.

Isn't it?




i love USB gadgets hehe!!! i gots a lamp and a fan :) tho i would love the slippers and the vibe of course :)

If I didn't live with my elderly grandmother then I'd say yay!
If it was just me and my boyfriend I wouldn't care. ^_^;;

For us? Probably. We have no kids and there's not going to be a lot of people in our bedroom, where I'd keep it. But I can see how it wouldn't be practical for many people.