This has been bugging me for ages -

When I get the confirmation email that an order is on its way, the subject line of the email line says "Your Lovehoney order has been despatched" yet in the rest of the message "dispatched" is used.

They mean the exact same thing, I just think it's a bit odd using both spellings!

I was just thinking this! It really bugs me for some odd reason.

Either way is correct, but yes, good grammar leans towards consistency, personally I prefer the despatch spelling, just like I prefer swap to swop and swat to swot. Yay English 👍

Oooh how peculiar! This *could* be my fault as I tend to take preference on "dispatch", however for Lovehoney consistency we should stick with despatch.

Thanks for pointing this out - your next email will show "despatch", not "dispatch" throughout. :) 

Be naughty and change them all to dispatched - that's so much cooler :)

But I prefer the dispatched version *sulks*

I'm going to join with the dispatch love :D. Despatch looks so odd!

i before e :-D

I'm kinda part of the despatch side too... Dispatch looks odd to me

I prefer dispatch!

MysticalMayhem wrote:

Just like how some people spell thingey instead of thingy. >.<

It's thingy !!! Lol... 😂😂

MysticalMayhem wrote:

I know! I can't stand the extra E in thingy!!! :O

Me neither 😵 in fact I'm sure I had a discussion publicly with a certain grammer grump who adds in the E ... 😂😂

I like dispatched hehe, its on most order emails from other ocmpanies so just feels better. x

This is very interesting feedback actually!

I also prefer "dispatch", but the decision was made (before my time) that Lovehoney uses "despatch".

I will pass this information on though as, if it is generally preferred with an "i", it makes sense to use it.

I'd be interested to know where everyone comes from too - is it mostly UK-based customers who prefer "dispatched"? How do our American and Australian customers feel about it? 

I prefer dispatched, it just looks right!

I also prefer dispatched, I think despatched look very odd indeed.

When i read the emails in my head, i actually pronounce the word despatch and dispatch differently. When i talk and mention the word, i always pronounce it the same way as i do the word dispatch.

Im actually going to be the first to admit that i never knew both ways were correct and assumed despatch was an error! Oops.

I think its mainly because i shop a lot online and most sites/sellers use dispatch when they send you emails so thats the one i am most used to seeing.

Despatch here, dispatch just looks really, really weird!