Diabetes and Sex Drive?

Never started a thread before but here goes...

Recently i've been feeling very tired and finding myself needing a drink more than what is normal for me and someone (jokingly) suggested i might have diabetes. And this got me to thinking so i googled "diabetes" and i found that i'm experiencing a few of the symptoms.

Something that did catch my attention was "lack of libido" and for the last 2 years i've had problems getting in the mood (part of the reason i joined LH but never got round to asking any questions) I've been with my OH for almost 3 years now and this is becoming quite a problem as he feels theres something wrong with him. He doesn't pressure me for sex or anything though, in fact he's been really understanding. But it keeps coming back up - 'why don't I want sex?' and i keep trying to give possible reasons but i know we're not getting to the bottom of it.

My friend has suggested i go see a doctor but i'm a bit embarrassed to speak to a doctor about that kind of thing as i'm 19 and i don't think it should be like this.

Does anyone have any insight into links between diabetes and lack of sex drive? Or anything else that could be the problem?

There is certainly a link between diabetes and erectlie function in men. I am not too sure about sex drive, especially in women. You are very young and one would expect type 1 diabetes in someone this age, i.e. the insulin type. Although type 2 diabetes is getting more and more common, it tends to be in the larger person and judging from your avatar, that does not seem to be the case. Certainly if you feel thirsty all the time, have to go pass water very often, are losing weight and feel tired, these are worrying signs. I would definitely see your GP to get that checked out.

Otherwise, there are many things that can cause a general fatigue - I would sugget you make sure you exclude the diabetes before trying to work out the other reasons

Ok, first thing you need to do is be a brave girl and get down the docs. If you do have diabetes (and be aware that the symptoms for diabetes are often signs of other things or signs of nothing eg tiredness, thirst, fainting etc) then you need to get that sorted first. Diabetes left untreated can be chronic and the fatigue will certainly leave you feeling unsexy. Think how you feel when you have flu, it just wipes you out.

Don't be embarrassed, if the sex drive is lost as a result of diabetes then your doc won't give two hoots about the cringe factor. It's a lot easier to detect diabetes these days and certainly much easier to treat, it's not all needles now. If you do have it then you will feel so much better when treatment starts.

All that said, unless you are in a high risk category (family history etc) it's unlikely that you have it. You are 19 and are you also a student (not sure)? It's a time where you are exposed to all kinds of germs and stress and maybe live a lifestyle that can run you down, stuff like glandular fever is common and anaemia. I suffer with anaemia myself and when I'm having a bad day I don't feel like doing anything at all, nevermind sex. But when I take my iron supplements, it's all good.

Please just visit the doc, your health is the most valuable thing you have. You don't need to go in there initially asking about sex, just explain the symptoms and take it from there. There's no down side.

I should just pont out that I suffered a similar problem when I was 19 and in a relationship. The doc changed my pill, gave me blood tests and nothing worked. Then I met someone else and the problems vanished. I'm not saying for a moment that the same is true for you but the mind is a powerful thing and there may be something sub-conscious putting you off, maybe confidence, security etc.

Anyhoo, the easiest thing to fix is any problems with your body. If there's nowt wrong then you can check the rest!! Good luck, let us know what the outcome is.x

Thanks niceguy :)

I don't really like looking up illness symptoms on the net cos you always end up feeling like you have them. thats not me in my pic but i wouldn't say i'm large. Size 12.

Maybe a trip to the doc's is the best plan.


good luck!

Go to the doctors. Please.

I'm diabetic and the list of problems associated with untreated diabetes is frightningly long. Get yourself checked out.

Take a sample of urine along with you - they can do a glucose in urine test right there. The hitch with maturity onset diabetes is that the symptoms can be less severe than 'juvenile' diabetes.

I'm going to book a doc's appointment today i think. Just a wee bit scared what they'll say.

Guess i can't stick my head in the sand as usual though.

Thanks for the advice guys :)


Hi Amore yo haven't made mention of mood swings and getting grumpy, though that's not to say they don't happen, but that's a symptom of diabetes, getting up during the night to drink water is another.

The doc can obviously put your mind at rest in terms of what is going on.

Good luck though whateve pans out!!


Get thee to a doctor. Fairly often in the beginning stages (and if you catch it early) it can be controlled by a careful diet.

Got to agree , get this checked now! Leaving it will make things worse and cause you stress.

Hiya Amore, sorry forgot to ask, what time is your appointment!?


Hi amore, what did the docs say? I've only just come accross this thread so I hope everything was ok, fingers crossed sweetie


I've not been yet, couldn't get an appointment on friday and i was working saturday.

Might try and phone up tomorrow... i'm a big wuss when it comes to things like this!


I know, keep telling myself that but i have a bit of an issue with doctors. I will go though, eventually.


Nexas is right hun you need to know, if you need to chat then feel free to drop me a email


thanks mel :)


Anytime hun xxx

hey amore if you dont like doctors you can get a free diabetes test at loyds the chemist :) and you can go in there when your passing.


Hi my OH is a Diabetic but was diagnosed when she was 3. They say it usually needs an environmental trigger to start it off, they thought that hers was triggered by a rash she got whilst in Africa.

Some of the symptoms you have mentioned are indeed the same but they are also symptoms for many other little things as well.

Either way I wouldn't get too worried about it, get yourself to the docs and see what they say, better to know. The quicker you get it sorted the quicker you can get your sex-drive back.... which is obviously the main thing lol

Hope all's well.

thanks again for the advice guys :)

I might actually pop into lloyds the chemist and get one of those tests diamonds. That seems much easier (yes i am that silly when it comes to going to the doc's)