Did dogs wear collars before humans?

Apropos of nothing, Bonny just said that dogs wore collars before humans.

I'm not so sure. I think humans were into bondage before dogs got domesticated.

What d'you think?

I would imagine that humans used weaker humans as slaves before any animals were domesticated and therefore collared them. SG69 x

I just came across this article about the History of Dog Collars shows that a dog with a collar was found in Pompeii and also shows a dog with a collar in ancient Egypt.

Dog collars from Ancient Egyption times and also ancient Greece have been found but as SG says humans used as slaves had collars so perhaps anything that needed training or restraint used them but dont know if it was used in the usual bondage way as we know it now

I wonder when people started to realise they enjoyed it!

probably when PVC was invented sexelle! Lol SG69 x

LOL nothing beats the smell of leather x

Just so you know this debate started after I came across this cool site where you can design your own collar called Collar Factory - I just thought they could make even more money if they branded the exact same site for custom dog collars! I would definitely design my two dogs new collars - Richard doesn't like dogs though!

awwww is he more of a pussy man?

lmao sexelle..................... very good.

I got My slave's collar and leash from a pet store... one particularly fun day humiliation shopping

They didnt look like it was the first time it had happened. I wonder how many of their collars end up on actual dogs Lol

We love "pets at home"

sorry for the advertising x

Thats where we were!!!!


you been stalking me? *raises eyebrow* LOL

sorry only got a gerbil lol xx

but did notice some very blingy dog collars x x

pet stores do great collars. there is sexier stuff out there for animals than for humans!! some pet owners have too much cash to hand!! but i suppose we can always share shops!! x