Did loosing your virginity go smoothly

Something that @Amunique said in another topic reminded me when I lost my virginity.

It didn’t go smoothly for me at all, I had a house party everyone knew it was the night for me and my girlfriend, so we went upstairs foreplay was great we had been doing that before that night, but it all went downhill when the condom came out as soon as I put it on I lost my erection, I just couldn’t keep a erection went through a pack of condoms with no joy. Still we had fun making each other cum that night, and we made a joke and little rhyme/saying about it.


It was a long time ago she was slightly older but we both enjoyed it.

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Well he obviously didn’t get far enough in for me to lose mine to him​:see_no_evil:. When I lost mine it was amazing, we’d been gathering chestnuts :joy:…then back to his Austin Maxi, I loved that car… mmmmmmm


Made me chuckle, could not help think “Was it romantic when you lost your virginity?” “Yes I loved the Austin” :grinning:

It went quite well for my then girlfriend and myself, both very young and virgins it could have been worse.

Yes @DanceswithPenguins it was very romantic :joy:we had reclined seats and pockets full of prickly chestnuts :joy:it’s the simple things every time :joy:


I’ll let everyone know when it finally happens :rofl: :rofl:

Please tell me sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, I’ll feel much better about myself :joy:


Nope can’t do that, it’s fantastic best thing ever! :rofl: :rofl:

It’s worth waiting for that right person, some sex can actually be terrible. You time will come (Pun intended) Ha ha

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Well @David1986H first of all I love your choice of words :joy:it’s not all it’s cracked up to be :joy:I’m having so much more fun solo I feel like the Duracell bunny :joy:

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True, we all know our bodies best and what we like and don’t like.

Meeting someone and having to explain to what we like sounds like a complete nightmare :rofl:

Even a one night stand sounds fun but could be a disaster lol. Plus I don’t know any one who’s willing lol

@David1986H maybe they just text each other now :joy:

Any news of your chair arriving yet?

Yeah, faces looking down at their phones walking into lamp posts lol , best thing Iv ever seen.

Oh, don’t get me started on my chair lol, long story short it’s been pushed back again to mid July

I updated my topic yesterday HERE to keep everyone updated. Thanks for asking though :slightly_smiling_face:

Not where I am b*stards always walk into me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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It was unexpected but good. One night stand with a friend of a friend. Never met him before and I think I only saw him a couple of times after in social settings, never talked about it.

The thing I remember most is how fantastic his arse was :joy:

Lost my virginity to my current partner at the age of 23 :woman_shrugging: It wasn’t super spontaneous as he had to finger me for a few days before we could actually make our way up to it, as previously I couldn’t even use tampons I was so tight :sweat_smile: It was a bit uncomfortable so wasn’t the best, and we quickly learned that lube was a 100% requirement for me (as are toys if I want to reach climax, as fingering my clit just leaves me sore) :sweat_smile: I’m not sure how the OH lost his virginity, as he has made it clear his past was really bad so I don’t press the issue as there’s no need to bring up old wounds :cry:


If or when the time comes I’m sure he’ll feel comfortable telling you and you’ll be there for him. It’s difficult for us to bring anything up especially if it was bad and it happened years ago.

And I love that you lost it with the person you’re still with.

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It was our wedding night, first time for both of us, together. For my part (husband), it was beyond smooth and fantastic.

For her part - I think she would still say smooth, but not without some expected pain. We knew enough to go slow: I went down on her first, then after she came we used plenty of lube and she led me inside. She has since stated that yes it hurt, but it also felt good, even the first time. After that, we filled the jacuzzi, drank champagne, and opened all our cards. After the bath, she was eager to try being on top, and she did cum that way (or it may have been after the bath we fell asleep and it was first thing in the morning she wanted to get on top - it was 15 years ago! Clearly I should have been keeping a much more diligent journal of these things).


Once you’ve got used to toys the physical sensations of doing sex the old way aren’t so great and you don’t have full control over what’s happening. It’s more the excitement and emotion of doing things you perhaps shouldn’t be with another person. If I’d had all this gear when I met my first girlfriend it would have been very different, I wouldn’t have focused the overwhelming sexual obsession onto her. :broken_heart:


No it’s not all what it’s cracked up to be… Over rated…
Signed Pinocchio

Why is everyone looking at my nose???

No,it was an absolute fuckin disaster, i was the wrong side of 25 and she was a recent divorcee with kids.
I made an absolute twat of myself and wanted to die of shame and embarrassment and it did my already low self esteem no favours.

Actually my mates thought I had lost my virginity to a previous girlfriend but it never happened as that night I had too much to drink and couldn’t keep it up, in the end I was happy I didn’t loose my virginity to that girlfriend as she wasn’t really a proper relationship or Love.

The person I did loose it with was definitely the right person even though it didn’t work out right on the night. She was the one who I had proper love for and had a flirting relationship for a very long time.