Different types of squirting

My lovely wife and I are exploring a few kinks together and it came up that I’d love for her to squirt in my mouth.

While my wife has squirted in the past, it’s never been a consistent thing.

She first squirted on her own when she was 18 and did not explore it again until doing it a couple of times a few years later with a guy she was dating. She says that she went into those sex sessions with a determined mindset of wanting to squirt having watched a lot of videos about it.

My wife was on top of with him and managed to do it, unfortunately though, she said that she did not like it because it just felt like she was peeing and that it did not feel any better than a regular orgasm. She likes being submissive and told me that she did not like the feeling of “forcing” herself to squirt rather than just letting go. It was just about the angle according to her.

We’ve been together for 7 years and she has probably squirted about 20 times in total with me. It usually happened from combined clitoral and g spot stimulation, along with extended for play and teasing. It usually has to be the first orgasm of the day.

Now some of these squirting orgasm were very intense (whole body trembling, shaking, etc), while others were weak in comparison (no different than a normal clitoral orgasm, except for a bit of released fluid).

My wife says that she actually enjoys it when it happens with me as it is a new type of squirting for her that is “uncontrollable” and she is not thinking about forcing it. Apparently it’s less liquid this way though.

I could be wrong but for my wife it seems like squirting and intensity of orgasm are two separate things completely. It is definitely fun when an intense orgasm is accompanied by squirting though.

Has anyone else experienced different types of squirting?

Have you noticed a difference between trying to force it vs just letting it happen?

Is it always enjoyable?


Squirting and orgasm are actually 2 different things and so the intensity of the orgasm won’t affect the ability to squirt. Squirting without orgasm does give a release feeling but how enjoyable it it will depend on the individual.

Generally, there are 2 types of female ejaculation and the terminology gets mixed up between the 2. There is a clear liquid that comes from the urethra, which is generally squirting but can feel like peeing (as it’s a near identical action, although different fluids). This is often achieved more through clitoral stimulation but not always. Female ejaculation (sometimes called gushing) is a milky coloured fluid that comes out of the vagina. It does generally need the orgasm to actually release the fluid from the vagina and tends to come from g spot stimulation.

However, as long as you and your wife are enjoying your sex life, that’s all that really matters.


If there was one thing I could tell people it’s that: squirting and orgasm-ing are two different things.

I squirt from g-spot stimulation but this rarely means I’ve orgasmed. I, generally speaking, need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.


Had no idea squirting isnt always an orgasm!

I have never made my wife squirt. Tried many different things but not happened. She always seems to orgasm beforehand.

Must be doing something wrong, though she still enjoys it so that is the main thing!


My wife (at 69) has only recently started squirting and it’s still intermittent but when she squirts it’s the intense uncontrollable type and leaves her happy but completely wiped out.

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That makes a lot of sense, thank you!

What do u mean