Dildos with Balls

Love the look of the new King Cock dildos. While length and girth do matter, I do like big heavy balls. I'm told that the mind is the biggest sexual organ! KC does give me a choice!

Isn't the brain the biggest sexual organ? ;) But yes I agree that mind over matter matters a lot during playtime, the scenarios I make up in my head prove that! Also: nothing better than when balls are slapping against you during sex! It's a real turn on for me!

I have been called a slutty whore, because I want men and women to use me. No prizes for guessing where my mind will be taking me this evening! Only toys today!

The king cock dildos look very good

I would also like to suggest the mr marcus one if your looking for a dildo with balls as he feels very good and very real :)

Thank you! Trouble is I can spend ages looking and just want cock!

I find balls on a dildo great they give u the option to us ethem when thrusting as a handle some can look wierd though

I know what you mean about balls sometimes looking weird, but they are just where they should be for me to grip when I'm on my back!

I think they are great! They add to the realistic detail plus they gie a great grip for thrusting.