Dirty girl...

Just wondering-

how open are you lot actually with dirty talk during sex? I can tell my bloke I want him to cum in my ass and be pretty sure I sound sexy, but I find trying to say anything else kinky during sex just makes me want to giggle or cringe. Which is a shame because I'd love to be able to tell him I feel such a dirty girl and have him call me that as I came.

i,m very open and talk dirty to my partner,it can be me telling him ,fuck this bitch,u know this bitch loves it and u love fucking this bitch or it could be me grabbing him by his hair & telling him to get down thier and lick your puss as u know u love licking that hot juicy c... of yours.

Im open about talking dirty, so is my partner... he really shows a dirty, horny side. I will say anything from'Lick me you dirty b*****d' to 'f**k me with your tongue', i love it when he pulls my hair, tells me im a dirty bitch, and that hes going to come in me....dirty b*****d!!!
I see where you're coming from though crayola, i thought talking dirty was cringeworthy, and that it only happened in bad porn films, but I discovered that saying certain things were a total turn-on, and i only say what im comfortable saying.

I talk dirty in the bedroom, but I don't know where the line is.
The line that is sexy on one side but bad porn actor on the other.
And the last thing you want to do is say something that would offend or turn off your partner.

Mind you I usually just end up laughing if the dirty talk goes wrong and we end up collapsing on the bed with the giggles.

The only time I can tolerate the c-word is when I'm using it during sex! Other than that, it makes me cringe.

*Minx* - Cringeworthy, I thought we invented that word, obviousl not. It's a great word anyway.. Not sure where dirty talk gets cringeworthy though. I'm normally too carried away to know either way. C-word is always brilliant though. Love it. Anyway, K is a slut and deserves some diry talk usually!

Cringworthy is an ace word!
As is the c word, because there are no nice words for lady holes.

Bad porn dirty talk really amuses me. Me and ex were taking the piss by trying to make making a cup of tea sexual- fits of giggles for weeks and all one of us had to say was 'teabag'. Slightly annoying when he did it during sex though, usually just as I was about to cum. Tool. lol

Love a good teabagging!

I have never talked dirty but would love to give it a try... How can I introduce it without scaring my partner of 7 years? He may think i've gone crazy or learnt it from a new man. I can't think of anything more embarrassing than giving it a go and him laughing at me. Maybe that says more about my relationship though as I guess you should be able to discuss anything with your parnter shouldn't you...

Scrumptious, I totally hear what you are saying! Mr M was not exactly well versed in the aural arts when i met him, and I did feel a complete pratt at first. I decided that the first thing we needed to do was name our bits ( no, I don't mean Florence or Fred) and find a vocabulary we were comfortable with. This sounds simple in practice but I spent ages working out what I was going to say to him to raise the subject in the first place. Funnily enough, the words we chose 13 years ago are not the ones we use today- we're much more dirty now!

It then was easy to say things like "I really want to suck your dick" and from that it was just a short hop to throwing a few adjectives in and describing what it feels like, tastes like, make me feel etc.
After that I read some erotic literature aloud to him to see if it went down ok and the rest just followed on from there.

Now we talk dirty all the time and it forms a huge part of our sex life. I think it works best if you can tap into the shared language you create between you to make meaning of circumstances and situations- that way it really is YOUR dirty talk and not something imported from a Sin Cities Mega Fuck film.

PS it helps (both of you) if you can visualise what is being said and supplement it with physical actions.

I find I can do it over text message, and it really excites both of us, but implementing it in the real world takes effort. We've gotten to th point it feels natural to say the tamer dirty stuff, but I'd love to be able to just wisper something incredibly dirty in his ear and wait for a reaction normally too.

Whispering stuff in public is always hot. I have said things like "I want to tongue your arsehole now!" when we are in stuffy social situations like old peoples birthday parties or formal dinners. I am usually drunk though & so is she so it goes down well. The usual answer is something like "Anytime big boy!"

its a big part of our sex life when we really get in to it he starts to describe what he wonts to do to me and what he wonts me to do to othere people or how he would like to see me with a nother girl describing every little detail whilst riding me hard and fast and i love it

I love to talk dirty during sex. I tell my partner exactly where to put her tongue, when to bite my clit and suck it real hard, and when to finger fuck my c...! Then I tell her when I'm about to cum all over her face! She tells me the same things and I find it a big turn-on for both of us. I get incredibly horny hearing the words and even more horny saying the words.

Yep, I love it too! What turns me on particulalry with girls is dirty talk about them being with other girls - the things I'd like to watch, describing what the other girl is doing to them. A couple of girls I've been with have started off being shocked by it but then really, really turned on. To the point of trying for real. It also really excites me when girls like to talk about me being with another guy - or compare notes on our first time sucking cock for instance.

Yeah I love watching a good dirty film and describing to my boyfriend how much I want to suck her tits and lick her pussy - turns me on visualising it too.

I adore being talked dirty to in bed, being called names especially... but when it comes to reciprocating I do cringe! I think it's the fear of saying something inappropriate and/or crap, lol. But I'm trying my best to break out of my shell!

i love watchin porn with the other half and gets her so wet and horny its unbelievable

I thought Christopher Biggins had the best idea on I'm a Celibant Get me Out of Her... when he did the charade touching himself.... anyone else see it ha ha... laugh l almost paid the petrol bill.

Mr. Naughty likes to launch himself at Mrs. Naughty whilst she is prostrate(no, not prostate) on the bed looking all nubile and scrumptious, shouting " My dear, I shall now proceed to insert my engorged prong into the deepest recesses of your ladygarden and adopt a rhythmic motion of the hip department until such time as I reach a peak of primitive animalistic fervour and deposit precicely 9cc of ejaculate deep into your cave of mystery; if you wish to continue reading "Algebra For The Terminally Bored" whilst this frenzy of lust ensues then please feel free!"

Admittedly it does take something of a long launch to manage to say all that filthy, dirty talk before entry,(Mrs. Naughty thinks about three floors should be enough) but we both find it most cathartic to spout such utter foulness.