Dirty weekend away

Hi everyone

I am planning a dirty weekend away with my bf, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good hotels to go to? Maybe with a jacuzzi in the room, big bath tubs etc, any ideas will be much appreciated!

Thanks x

Hi I don't know waht your price range is but brighton have a themed room hotel, it's called hotel pelirocco, they have a website. One of their rooms is called the play room and it has mirrored ceiling, jacuzzi, 8 ft round bed and a pole for dancing on besides many other features. it's prob the most suited room to what you are looking for. Me and my oh have wanted to go for ages, but I think they have minimum 2 night stay over the course of fri-sun (weekends) and it can set you back about £250 per night. It would be best to check with the hotel in person though. Another I can suggest is hotel de vie in surrey, all of their luxury rooms have sex swings in them, so if you are looking for something a little different...? I'm not sure of the room rates for this one though.

Good luck, hope you find something nice and have a fantastic time away.


Me and the OH are going to Great Yarmouth this weekend. Staying in Marine Lodge and their premier delux super king (whatever its called, its the top room anyway) has a jacuzzi bath and a luxury massive bed... I can't wait to go .... :P It's £95 a night which isn't a bargain but I don't think is too unreasonable and Great Yarmouth beach is lovely :)