Dirty Weekend Away

Hi all.

Looking for a bit of advice, or ideas, Males/Females.

I’m bringing the wife away for her birthday next weekend for a 3 night stay in a penthouse suite in a hotel. We lead busy lives with her on shift work and me running my own business so we are very rarely in the right mood together for a bit of fun.

What I have planned for the weekend is a day shopping the first day, a 2 hr spa treatment for her followed by the cinema. We both love going to the cinema. After that then really it’s just a dinner each evening in the hotel, maybe a swim in the pool.

What can I do to really spice up this weekend for one for her to remember? Roleplay ideas? Is there any sex games that we could spend a day in the room doing. Also a bit worried about the whole lasting during sex as I think it’s over a month or so since our last good ride and I get excited fairly quickly. Any tips on gong for a second or third time?

Anyway thanks for reading and any responses would be greatly appreciated.


How about this love egg so you can be control her pleasure while your having dinner and at the cinema.

Hi there, these games are always very highly spoken about and very highly reviewed too. Hope you have a great weekend :) x



Hey there, errr what about the stranger in the bar scenario? It would work if you didn't see each other for an hour or two! You sitting at the bar in a change of clothes she didn't see you in that day!

Maybe she could wear a dress a little higher than the norm, when she sits down, maybe she could show off a little stocking top. Get in there and start chatting her up! You know what it will lead to but you could make it last as long as you needed. Get her in the lift and lunge at her, not quite ripping off your clothes in there, but you get my drift.

Get a cock ring on, it'll hold you back some what for her. Spend extra time on her in the room and build it up. Make her cum with foreplay before you get down and dirty. :)

Hope that helps x

Lovely gift to her btw!

Definitely board games.

How about finding show/burlesque evening to use up an evening

Some very good ideas above!

I can highly recommend the Tie & Tease Scorpius linked above, but DO NOT buy the Monogamy.

About the lasting part, how about you masturbate in the days before the weekend? But both playing the game (will have you teased for an hour or two with ups and downs) and the cock ring are good suggestions.

Thanks for the response. Some good suggestions. Era you seem very against buying the Monogamy game?

If you can aford it buy her a new outfit or some sext underwear, wrap them in paper.

When you give them to her asker to put them on, but it comes with a condition, she has to give you a blow job right to the finish. I'm sure seeing her in the new sexy underwear will get you hard, and if you come quickly she will think it is her blowjob skills, so no embarrassment.

Then offer to pleasure her, bring her to her first orgasm, either orally, by hand, or toy, or whatever you wish. This makes her feel special, satisfied and it gives you time to recover before then flipping her over into whatever position you fancy and having great satisfying sex.

Maybe later a blindfold and a selection of her toys on the bedside cabinet, for you to tease and satisfy each other.