Do lovehoney really rip people off

I placed a few orders before Xmas and one was for a few items costing £170, think me and wife have spend over a grand in December at lovehoney.

This order I made had 25% discount for orders over £40 and like I say I spent 170. In it was the 3 for £15. Can’t remember items barring purple massager and when I paid I noticed it put 2 on my list or I did should I say by mistake. I made order late at night while wife was in bed and when I noticed the error I contacted chat who told me I had 2 option as she couldn’t modify my order.

I could cancel all order and start again or leave it and return one of them later which I have done.
Got email back today, the item was £5.99 and I’m getting £3 odd back, when I questioned refund I got told it was part of the 3 for 15 and my 25% discount.

Asked her to look at my order, I still have all 3 items for £15 with me, thus was a extra surplus item and if my a level maths is fake 25% off £6 is £4.49.

Got another email just now, oh you didn’t get 25% off you gotn35%

Don’t know why it’s posted it half way through…
Anyways I have order email with itemised pricing and discount, and if it’s 35% lovehoney owe me a lot more.

It’s OK a pound but it’s principle, couldn’t care less if its £1 or £31 it’s just wrong, I expected better from this company

I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with Lovehoney at all. I’ve always had outstanding service from them and I find the deals and pricing to be brilliant. The forum is extremely well run and @Lovehoney_Brenna is always on hand to help if and when she can

I wonder if this might be worth following up with customer care more? If you are concerned that you have been wrongly charged or the figures aren’t right can you not discuss this with them further?

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I’ve sent them the email I got when I placed the order which clearly shows 25% off yet to her I got 35%, if that’s the case I’m owed quite a bit back. Unreal they think they can just do what they want

O I save them and build them up

It may be that it was 35% off the surplus item being the 25% discount on the overall order plus either the product was reduced when you bought it or it is to do with calculating the amount you paid for the toy with the 3 for £15 (it may have been included as part of the 3 and so by removing it, the 4th product will have been added to that discount and if they weren’t the same price, there would be a re calculation needed)

Basically it can get very complicated calculating this stuff. Some companies have to work it out manually (human error may occur but at least the person who worked it out should be able to explain it) and some will have a computer system that will do it (more likely to mathematically make sense but doesn’t mean that it is easy to follow the whys and the hows!).

Generally, no Lovehoney don’t rip people off and have really good customer service and benefits, far better than any of their competitors that I’ve used.


Getting refunds on sale items after using multibuy deals and discounts can be a nightmare to work out for any company. I know because I work in retail. It may be best if you take it up with customer services than complaining on the forum. At least give them a chance to put things right first, even if you have to speak to another person.


It wasn’t on sale though I paid £5.99 full price order was £219 with 25% discount, the 3 for 15 item I have so that’s all good, I paid extra for the extra item 5.99 minus 25% discount they gave me, that’s what I paid why aren’t I getting full price paid back

@oGunnerso I’ve always found Customer Services to be very helpful, and Lovehoney have won awards for their business model. I have always found them to be trustworthy and good to deal with.

As @WillC said, it can be very tricky working out a refund once discounts, sales and offers are taken into account. I was once disappointed by the amount refunded for something but they had it right once all these things were taken into account.

If you think they have made a mistake I would go back to Customer Services. You could ask to speak to a supervisor, but I would not assume this company is ripping you off at all.

Also, as the mistake was originally yours (ordering 2 items) you could just keep the item and gift to to someone or sell it on a selling site for more than you paid for it? Or pop it in a charity bag?
It isn’t much money compared to the size of your order, and ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ is good advice for us all in these anxious times.


@oGunnerso: I just bought three pairs of pretty knickers for £6 and a scented massage candle for under £4 with free postage. I don’t feel at all ripped off and I would agree with @MsR that customer services were great on the rare time I had to contact them.

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If the item that was 5.99 was also in the selection range for 3 for 15 then you always run the risk of it being classed as one of the 3 should it be returned even if you state that it was the 4th item. How do Lovehoney know this from a large order?!

If it was then keep order separate and break your order into 2, 3 or 4 orders as if each order exceeds 40, you will still get your 25% discount and you can protect each group to ring-fence your orders and discounts.

This is not unique to Lovehoney and a lot of retailers do this.

As @WillC has mentioned it is an absolute nightmare for retailers.


Your missing the point doesn’t matter if its £1 or £100 it’s the principle. Would you except been short changed at supermarket or when filling your car up it gives you £18 instead of your £20 paid.

I’m self employed and buy bulk on plaster and can take back what I need and get right money, if I said to them I’m giving you 5 bags back but want money for 6 they’d laugh at me.
If they’ve done this to me how many more have they done it, you get email your return has been refunded and as normal a big company like this I bet most just skip by and think that’s job done when they could be short changed

I’m sure if you contact customer services again they may be able to break down for you how the price was calculated.

I have just had a quick play around with the 3 for £15 offer. It does appear that if you add 4 items, the most expensive 3 are included in the offer. (Which is certainly not a rip off and many retailers would try to avoid that). If one of the items in your offer was less than £5.99 then it would have been the cheapest item that you would have paid for (on top of the £15) not the massager.


Im unsure why you are complaining on here and slagging off the company instead of trying to work it out with them.
As everyone said, mistakes can happen (if there was a mistake)
You are assuming what has happened and painting them in the worst light


That makes sense, if the other item was cheaper it would account for the difference.
@oGunnerso was the other item cheaper than the one you accidentally got 2 of?


At the end of the day it was your mistake. Chalk it up to experience and move on, or sort it out with customer services. The forum is not really the place to do it.


It’s because taking the item off the bill changes the 25% discount, say for the sake explanation the 25% was on any order then

£15 + £5.99 = £20.99 25% discount is £5.24 so you paid £15.74

Without the extra item £15 - 25% in this case 25% is £3.75 so you would have paid £11.75

The difference between the orders is £3.99 not £4.49 (£5.99 minus 25%)

Hope that helps, customer care don’t often get it wrong but if you still think it’s incorrect then contact them


Hang on…

£15 x 0.75 = £11.25 :slightly_smiling_face:


£20.99 x 0.75 = £15.74 _
£15.00 x 0.75 = £11.25



Oh… you’re right, wonder what happened there…

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If you go back through the figures you’ve posted it seems like you’re unclear yourself. For example in the first post you’re talking about an order total of £170 then later talking about £219. Not to mention “£3 odd” isn’t a specific number…

As someone who’s worked in online retail before I can assert that working out refunds when discounts are applied is hard when promotional offers come into play. I won’t go into the maths but usually a set 25% wouldn’t be applied to individual line items on a refund. It’s proportional to the number of items, amongst other things.

In my opinion LH have great customer service and have been trading long enough that if they were doing anything dodgy it would have come to light much sooner and by more people.