Do men lie about the no. of time they cum?

Kinda funny last evening at a pub. Overheard a group of men claiming they can go on and on... why do men have to lie?

Why do some men have to lie?

I guess it's a show of virility, like male lions fighting for dominance over a pride. They each know their own truth but if their mates one-up them it makes them feel weak and the need to prove themselves greater (and alcohol!) pushes them to raise the bar.

Age comes in to this a bit too. When younger I could repeat fairly quickly but as age creeps along I'm finding this is a harder (impossible) task! I'm not sure I believe the ones who say they can do it immediately time after time unless they've took a Viagra!!

Or maybe they were telling the truth? 

Admittedly its unlikely they ALL can keep going and going, but it seems unfair to automatically assume they're lying. 

As to the reason why - some men love to brag and love creating competition between them and their mates. A pack of males naturally needs a dominant one, and this seemed to be their way that night to fight to be the most dominant.

But maybe they do have impressive stamina!

I think there are men out there who can go again and again but they're probably working out often, have great stamina and are well hydrated.

I doubt a whole group of these guys are gathered together in a pub to talk about it though. I'd guess that maybe one or two of them genuinely can go for multiple rounds and the rest agreed to feel equal or fit in.

As a man - ladies, please let the lads have their little dreams - once in a blue moon they mightb come true ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Well i can go on and on for ages but don't cum at all :(

Takes me a hell of a long time to get to the point of cumming then a lot of the time it just goes without it happening so i carry on .

It really depends on a lot of factors, some men can indeed go on and on with multiple orgasms, but chances are the group you overheard had a few that wanted to still be part of the pack. Most men don’t like
To be upstaged and if a friend is doing something well you automatically want to do better, it’s pride at stake and it all dates back millions of years to when we did have to fight to be the leader. Iv noticed my female friends embrace when I do well such as get a promotion etc and Iv noticed this is also the case between their groups, girls like to for the most part actually give eachother some motivation and praises, men are the opposite.

Also pub banter is never true to form, when you have alcohol, a loud environment and a room full of testosterone driven men your going to hear more fibs and lies than pretty much anywhere in the world ha.

They probably all left the pub in their BMW`s or Audi`s after their bragging session!![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

The only person I know and how many times he cum in a single session is hub... For the last 20+ years... max twice.

With respect to all men, how many times did you cum in a single session in your partner.?

Depends on lots of things, age definitely a big factor, type of stimulation another...

In the honeymoon period of a new relationship, I've been able to 'perform' several times a day. In fact, I think having sex 7 times in one day was the most we achieved before being too exhausted and sore to try again 😂

I've only ever had one genuine multiple orgasm, and I define that as having cum with my partner on top, she stayed put, teasing me by clenching her pelvic floor, and after about a minute I found that rather than the stimulation being too sensitive to cope with, I felt myself building towards orgasm again. She started riding me again and 30 seconds later I came again, without withdrawing. It blew my mind as that'd never happened before (or since)!

Multiple prostate orgasms are completely different, and although incredibly difficult to achieve in the first place to get that full body orgasm, I find it much easier to keep going once I'm there!

A bit of a sexist thread but no IMO

Genuinely no idea how i could!?

Can't say that I've ever met a man who lied about that. I suppose some do but then I would assume that some women do too ? xx

Talking to hub last evening and he tried. After firing once and went limp. No matter what I do no further erection and 2nd orgasm is miles away.... Wondering how other men did the multiples in a single session. Won't the well gets dried up too.

not me im a 2 min man and good for one time now that im a lot older

Men, women, everyone has exaggerated about sex. Whether it be how long your sessions are, how many times you came or how great it was mix in alcohol and stories fly. It's just pub banter and nothing serious so I wouldn't let it bother you.

In my younger days I would come inside my gf, keep hard and keep going to come again regularly. Those days are well behind me and beyond my current capabilities.

Those were the days when an erection would point to one o’clock and not drift to quarter past three.

4Uonly.. Biologically, yes the 'pots' run dry after one expulsion. It can take up to 24hrs to refill. Any orgasm between then will see a decrease in fluid, depending on how long it has been since last ejaculation. Ejaculating a full amount of semen straight after already doing that is biologically impossible.

As for going all night? Well, some folk just can, I'm guessing not all the time though...I guess it depends on many factors.. health, youth, stamina...... and hormones =).